Friday, April 12, 2024

Five on Friday - Getting it Done

This was my week to get stuff done that has been sort of hanging over my head for awhile. Nothing major but just things I wanted to knock out before the next few chaotic weeks. 

1. I took the kid's Dubose 5.5 year old pictures to John at Harris Holt to frame like their 10 month and 2.5 year pictures. Can't wait to get those back in a few weeks. I'll share. 

2. Did you know you can recycle bras? Very random I know but if you have a bunch from changing sizes when you were pregnant, this is a good option to get rid of them. Here is the website to look up your local place. I took mine to Soma and if you take one you get a $5 store credit. If you take two or more you get $10 credit. Best part is that they send them to their warehouse to disinfect and then donate to women's shelters. 

3. I hung a mirror in my closet that has been sitting there for 2 years. It literally took me 30 seconds. Ugh! Wish I had done it sooner. 

4. Do you ever adjust something in your closet or bathroom or office that makes such a huge difference in how you use your space? Something simple. Like moving your long sleeve shirts from a drawer to a shelf in your closet. It's made my life way easier for some odd reason!

5. It's the end of an era. Molly Anne is in the last size of the classic Lilly shifts. She has worn these since she was 6 months old! Going out with a bang with this adorable pattern. Her pretty blue eyes will pop!

6. Mom fail over here but once again Julie saved the day! She grabbed all of us eclipse glasses so we were able to see it on Monday afternoon. It was so fun!! 

Molly Anne took this picture with my phone through her glasses. Miss talented! She loved this since she's super into space!

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