Friday, March 1, 2024

Five on Friday - Mystery Reader, Recipe,

Happy March first!!

It's been quite a week but I'll spare you the details! ;)

ONE - my Dad was Grady's mystery reader in his class on Monday. It was sooooo cute and Grady was so surprised. A huge thank you to Grady's teacher for making this happen. I'm not sure who was most excited about it to be honest. Probably my Dad haha! They always FaceTime to watch the kids do their sports and all of the things. Makes those 8 hours and 500 miles not seem so far! Thankful for technology! 

TWO - our County does a Battle of the Books for grades 3-5. Each elementary school competes in brackets similar to March Madness and it's fun. Ours is in the Elite 8 now and Molly Anne is doing her part. Almost an hour every day. Getting it done!

THREE - grady spent about 3 hours after school on Monday outside. Ya know...doing what kids should be doing after school! Like what we did growing up! Not becoming a professional soccer player at age 5! Haha although he's trying!

FOUR - egg scramble before the kale, spinach and three eggs went in!
Shaved Brussels
Cherry tomatoes
Yellow peppers

FIVE - made these chicken tenders with cheezits the other night (thanks to Justine's recommendation!) and had Molly Anne help me make them. Therefore, she ate them! We also had pears and twice baked potatoes that I got from Walmarts freezer section. My favorite chicken brand to buy now is Smart Chicken. I do feel like I'm cheating on Perdue but Perdue isn't as wildly available here like it is in Maryland. 

Hope y'all have a nice weekend! 

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  1. Cheez-Its?!?! Will have to try - that sounds delicious! So fun that your Dad was able to be the mystery reader - hooray for FaceTime!