Monday, March 4, 2024

Birthday Lunch, Larry Fleet, Club and Choir

We had a nice little weekend without a ton of plans but after uploading these pictures it seems like we did. 

First up - lunch on Friday for Hilary's birthday. We went to Burtons. It was so good and the company was better. Grateful for these two friendships.

Friday night we went uptown to watch Larry Fleet at the Fillmore with one of Kevin's friends from growing up. We had gotten these tickets in early January so it was good to finally go. 

Check out the song Earned It by Larry Fleet. It's pretty solid. Also, Where I Find God. And This Too Shall Pass. He's a good dude. 

Pretty much how I felt after Friday night haha. 

Also this. I wasn't hungover, I was just tired because we didn't go to bed until midnight!

We enjoyed just hanging around without any sports on Saturday morning. We watched the NC State game then headed over to the club for dinner. 

I got this dress in the mail at 4pm and decided to slip it on. So glad I did because that's what I wore to dinner then to church the next morning. It's easy to throw on and look put together, long enough and has pockets. Win!

Love my little buddy. We had quite a week together last week but he's back at school today thank GOODNESS! Dad, do you see my black shoelaces? I know you love those hahahah!!

These two are always glad to see each other. Molly Anne and I had gone to Bath and Body works that day so she sprayed Greer with all of her mists! 

Oh, one other thing I did on Saturday - I meal planned for this week then picked up my groceries. It was nice to not worry about on Sunday!

This dog and his ways. This is how he was when I came downstairs Sunday morning. 

Molly Anne had a choir performance on Sunday morning and Grady always wants to watch her. It's sort of turned into him always sitting with us now instead of going to childcare and he's so good. It shocks me that he is 5 years old and sits there for an hour and a half in silence. He's entertained by all that is going on. I think it's great. We will see how long it lasts!

Singing "We Are"

And he grabbed my hand on the way to the car. Oh my oh my I'm in a puddle!

Yes, Molly Anne and I both wore the same dresses Saturday night and Sunday morning. No shame in our game!  Mine // Hers // Grady's pants // Grady's blazer 

Sunday afternoon walk and bike ride!

We had steaks, baked potatoes and Caesar salad outside on our porch for dinner. Ready for the week!

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  1. I can't imagine how amazing it must be to wear dresses and no coats in March!!