Friday, February 23, 2024

Five on Friday

Whew it's FRIDAY! What a wacky week with school closed on Monday. Definitely winged it that day. Cranked it out the rest of the week. All good. 

1. I was a terrible cook this week. Between a work dinner for me and after school activities, I didn't do well. We ate at home each night but it wasn't by any means put together. I always say we are going to do a freezer week and clean that out but we never do. Maybe next week!

2. Finally got some new contacts ordered this week. I ordered from 1800contacts on Wednesday and they were delivered Thursday. Such fast shipping! I actually had to chase the UPS guy down because they evidently require a signature for delivery. I got the email from UPS that they were unable to deliver while I was driving into our hood. I went and found him down the street and got my contacts ha!!

3. Went to lunch at Kid Cashew in the dilworth area of Charlotte with a friend yesterday. She's in the same industry as I am, also with a civil engineering degree and it's always great to catch up with her. Lunch with friends and work peeps is my jam. Much preferred over dinner!

4. Here's your reminder to email your kid's teachers and ask if there is anything you can do to help or anything they need for the classroom. It's always so appreciated and those teachers are saints!!

5. Grady is back in swim at Charlotte Aquatics. Big time freshen up for summer swim team and for being at away camp this summer and for the beach/canal. He would be totally fine saving himself and swimming at this point but a refresh of this is never a bad idea! 

Talk soon friends. 

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