Monday, November 5, 2018

Poor Molly Anne

How did Daylight Savings Time go in your house?!  I'm not very nice and made Grady hang out in his crib until 7am like usual which felt like 8am to him.  He fell back asleep so he was fine.  He doesn't really cry or anything, he's so low key.  He basically waits for me each morning to come get him.  Molly Anne slept in since she was still recouping from the below story.  So yeah, I completely lucked out this year and got an extra hour of sleep.  Don't hate me.  We started our day at 7am like we do every day and I kept Grady on the same schedule I always do.  He adjusted well.  


When I picked Molly Anne up on Friday afternoon, her teacher informed me that she had told them both "no" that day.  Obviously that is unacceptable and we talked all about it etc.  She knew she was wrong.  She had bags under her eyes from a big week with Halloween and lots of school.  She was exhausted.

We hung at home for dinner with a frozen pizza.  I put her in bed around 7pm as usual and she fell right to sleep, she was fine but tired.  Around 9pm I heard her talking in her sleep.  I thought that was weird because she's never done that before but just kept an ear out for her.  Then she started getting fussy about 9:45pm so I went in there and yall, she was BURNING UP.  I've never felt her so hot.  

I checked her temperature rectally (may I add - I know she's too old for that but it's the only truly accurate way and I needed accurate and fast) and I saw 104.1 and didn't let it keep going.  I have no idea how high it would have gotten.  I gave her Motrin and we got in the car and went to the ER.  I know, I know.  It was kinda a split decision and I just made it quickly and we went.  I probably should have waited but honestly, fevers scare the daylights out of me.  I can deal with other stuff, but not fevers.  They did several tests on her and I had known that a couple children from her class had gotten sent home with fevers and one with walking peumonia.  Doctor did the x-ray to double check for that and ended up finding bronchitis.  This explained her congestion last week too.  Of course, it is viral so nothing they can do about it.  

And yes, in case you're wondering, the hospital experience was quite exciting for her.  She talked non-stop about ALL THE THINGS.  It was all a big event and she hasn't stopped talking about it since.  She will tell you about how she wore a skirt for her x-ray and it turned into a skeleton picture of herself.  She didn't feel good but her fever had come down to 102.7 by the time we got there so she felt much better.  She was a mess when I got her out of bed.  

I felt kinda silly afterwards for taking her but it was the right decision at that time so whatever.  I'm actually glad they checked her ears after a few days of congestion last week and her lungs as well.  And I sorta got an answer to what she had.  

So needless to say, we were low key to the max this weekend.

Saturday was her roughest day but then it was over.  I checked her about 11pm on Saturday night and she hadn't had motrin since 3 or tylenol (which doesn't do anything for her) since 7 and she was cool as a cucumber.  That was big progress.  

We did a lot of the above picture and a lot of the below picture this weekend.  I changed my shirt at least 10 times on Saturday since I was taking care of them both.  

Mills on his little walk.  We can't use our backyard right now because we had to fill in some areas with dirt and we're trying to get new grass to grow.  Ugh don't even ask.  Haha.

After she woke up from her nap on Saturday afternoon we did some arts and crafts.  She wrote her name so well.  I was so proud of her.  Friday night she had made herself a new reward chart and she wrote all of the numbers 1-10 except the 3 and 5!  I know she hasn't learned her name or numbers at school because they won't start writing their name until the 4's class.  We have been practicing since my Mom worked with her this summer though! ;)

Sunday morning hanging out "in Nannie and Poppa's room!"  Unicorn headband from Emme's party was essential to her entire day on Sunday.  

We did get out and get some fresh air after nap on Sunday.  She hadn't had a fever in almost 24 hours so we just walked Mills down the street and did a little scooter action on our driveway (all while Grady had his 45 minute cat nap of course ha!).  I think a little sunshine is always good!   We said goodbye to the pumpkins and tossed them in the trash.  

So, maybe now I know why she told her teachers "no" on Friday.  She always misbehaves if she doesn't feel good (but before I know she is sick!).  Gah!  Also, they had her take a dot off of her little reward thing they do there.  Well, she felt the need to take all three of her dots off which I'm glad she did.  Tough love!  But she will earn them back this week, I'm sure of it!

I'm writing this on Sunday night and I'm iffy about what I'm going to do with her tomorrow.  Technically she is fine to go but I always like to keep her home an extra day so she can rest and recoup a little more.  We'll see how she is in the morning.  It'll be a short day for her no matter what.

Happy Monday everyone!


Annsterw said...

So happy she is feeling better! What a scare! I would have taken her to the hospital just never know with fevers! Also, you knew you did all you could! Hugs

Mary Adams said...

As a mom of two boys (7&4), I’ve somehow managed to stay out of the ER. But a few weeks ago, my husband was traveling and my 4 year old developed a “croup cough”. Seems like I’d know how to manage that by now, right? Nope, on the phone with the nurse at 2am and when he started waking up gasping for air (or so I thought), I took him to the ER. He had a fever but everything else “sounded clear” and looked fine. Seems our first visit to the ER ( for both of us) was because of a “virus” that was gone within 24 hours. I felt foolish but the doctor told me to always listen to my gut. You did the right thing!

Plain Jane said...

I'm glad MA is feeling better.
Don't ever apologize or feel silly for doing what you feel is right for your child.
Fevers are very frightening, I would rather take my child in and it is nothing than to wait and have it go into something that may be worse.
There have been many times I've had to insist one of my children have certain tests run because they're not showing symptoms but I know how they are and I know they are brewing something.
Mom's just know.