Monday, February 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Today is Kevin's birthday!!!!

We had a fun time celebrating this weekend despite both of us being sick puppies.  We managed to mosey out of the house on Saturday afternoon to an auction to sit and watch.  We both loved this rug and so we decided to bid on it last minute.  And we got it!

I'll spare you the details of Friday night and most of Saturday.  Sunday morning I got up and made his favorite Chocolate Oatmeal cookies.  Now, let's be honest, I'll never make them as good as his Mama does.  But I tried.  And I used Splenda instead of sugar.  I couldn't stand the thought of 2 cups of sugar in 18 cookies!  They were good but not nearly as good as when sugar is used and when his Mom makes them!

Sunday morning we picked up our rug.  Most of you have seen this picture on Instagram.  Mills learned how to chew real deal oriental rugs in Maryland last year.  I'll just say this - his nose got smacked a couple times yesterday when that beak got close to the rug.  He was only allowed to lay and walk on it.  No smelling and no licking.

We also got a desk yesterday for the living room.  Not my preference to have a desk in the living room but it's something Kevin really wants so I'm learning the word Compromise.  I'll post a picture of it when we figure out where it goes.

Mills and I did a quick errand yesterday.  His chops flowed in the wind as we drove down Rea Road with his head out the sunroof.  60 degrees and sunny in Charlotte!  I'll take it!

We went to Kevin's parent's for his birthday dinner last night.  She fixed his favorite meal - manicotti.  I brought a Caesar salad and Brittany brought garlic bread.  It was delish for the two bites I had and paid for later and all night.

She put out baby pictures and his baby book.  I had a ball reading his baby book!  SOOOO cute!

Wasn't Kevin a stud?!!  The picture on the right below cracks me up!

And here he is with his favorite dessert...cherry yum yum as his birthday cake!  He swatted the flame out and here's to one more year older!  Next year is the biggie!

He opened ALL of his gifts and he got a ton of awesome things.  He got the Apple device that allows what is on his iPad to be shown on a TV (he'll use this at his office), a neat book on ancestry (which he is big into right now thanks to my Dad's obsession over Christmas) and a keyboard holder for his iPad.  He also got a hose reel, two hose nozzles, an indoor outdoor temperature gauge, a battery charger and a pair of VV GREEN pants.  I'm talking GREEN pants!  And he got an iTunes gift card.  Talk about a BIG birthday!!!

Since today is his actual birthday, he and I have dinner plans out and even though Mills already gave him his gift (an iPad), you never know what may happen tonight.  His wife may have a lil something for him! ;)

Happy Birthday my Kev!!!!!!


Sarah O said...

Happy birthday to you hubs! I love your new rug. Never been to an auction, do you go often? I can't wait to see how you incorporate the desk in the living room. The former owners of our house had one and we are playing around with the idea of getting one too.

MCW said...

Love love love that rug!!!

Happy Birthday to Kevin! Sounds like he was pretty spoiled. Lucky guy!

xx BHB said...

Happy birthday Kevin! JM's big four oh is March 1 and I have some tricks up my sleeve :D :D :D

Portuguese Prepster said...

Happy Birthday to him!!

Dee Stephens said...

He racked up! I love that rug too! Congrats! You'll have it forever!

megan said...

Happy Birthday, Kevin! The rug is an awesome addition!

Whitney said...

Happy Birthday to Kevin!! Yay for rug purchases this weekend :) I've heard really good things about Apple TV!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Happy birthday to Kevin! Have fun celebrating even more tonight!

A Carolina Mrs. said...

Happy birthday Kevin!