Friday, February 21, 2014

Five on Friday - House Upgrade Style

I don't like to say that we are renovating our home but making upgrades is a better term for it.  Our house was the first one built in our neighborhood (in 1999) and the couple that built it is who sold it to us...we still have the original blueprints!  I've told you all about them but she was the nicest lady.  Her husband passed about 5 years ago but we had the joy of meeting Mrs. Smith.  What a gem she was!  Anyway, they were in their 90's and the house is now 15 years needs some updating!

They didn't cut corners building this home.  They really spent time planning and figuring out the best layout and adding all of the extras.  Well, I guess the only thing they did cut corners on was that front door area (the vinyl).  Why they put vinyl on a custom home, I'm still not sure but I bet they had a good reason.  It will be history soon enough...project is on the list.  I know you all are sick of hearing about how I hate it.

But for now, we've decided to make some other priorities and it is exciting getting things done to our home!

This light will be swapped out today!  We ordered it a couple of weeks ago and it'll match the other ones we got for both sides of our front door and lantern that hangs above the front door.  Lighting makes such a difference and this thing is old and faded!

We bought new knobs for Kevin's cabinets in our bathroom and also my set of cabinets in my getting ready area.  They always make a difference.  We've decided that when we redo our bathroom, we're going to save our cabinets and just get new countertops.  Custom cabinets are mucho mulah!

We FINALLLLLY got the trim (crown, baseboards and all doors) painted in our common areas - dining room, living room, den, kitchen, half bath, laundry and craft rooms.  I asked for this for my birthday in November, Christmas in December, I tried to think of a holiday in January and then for Valentine's Day in February.  Basically Kevin got sick of hearing about it and finally agreed.  

This double crown in the below picture is painted but the doors and trim around those aren't.  Isn't the change dramatic?  It's SW Creamy High Gloss.  SO pretty, if I do say so myself!  No more stark white!

And you can really see the difference in this picture too.  Look on the left side of the crown that he is painting.  See the difference halfway? 

We got a new microwave because our old one died (knew it was bound to happen any time).  Kevin ripped it out on Wednesday night but we have someone else installing the new one today, thankfully.  I never knew how reliant I was on a microwave until it snowed and we were inside for 3 days reheating soups.

New backsplash.  Oh the black tiles that you see above are not spaced evenly and some of the tiles are cracking and we're done with it!  Out with the old and in with subway tile.  This will be done by the middle of next week.

So between all of these projects, the new rug and desk, we are having fun getting things done!  I'll post before and after pictures of our projects once they're finished and our house is put back together!

Hope you all have a great weekend! 


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Yes, those upgrades will look fabulous when complete! I miss those types of houses, I grew up in one and love the traditional feel of them. Florida homes are not so traditional and have more open floor plans. I miss the room segregation. Beautiful!

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...
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MCW said...

Slow and steady wins the race! First thing I did was change all lighting and paint everything. Got all the lights for Christmas presents and my dad gifted me with painting. There are some larger projects I want to tackle, but not on top of my list right now.

SEW-G said...

You spoke so nicely of the previous owners! I think it is so rude when people move into a house and bash everything the previous owners did, especially online for all to read! Way to take the high road!

Alexa said...

Look at y'all go!! I can't wait to see the finished updates soon. That subway tile is going to be gorgeous! Happy weekend :)

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Joe and I have spent the last 4 evenings painting all of our baseboards and doors. While I would love to have had someone come in and do it, I am actually really happy that we are doing it together. It's been a fun project while spending time together.

Happy Friday!!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Can't wait to see the new backsplash!

Lynne Hollaran said...

I love your doors, Annie, but I love the glass one even more. Hehe! How many glass doors do you have at home? Well, I hope you can share a photo story about these awesome doors. Anyway, great job on your house projects! I’ll be looking forward to seeing the newly installed microwave and backsplash. Keep us updated! :)

Lynne Hollaran