Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Healthy Food Options

We went out with our Avenue friends on Saturday night to Mellow Mushroom and I'm so mad I forgot to take a picture.  We were celebrating 5 out of the 7 of our birthdays.  David's and mine are in November within the same week but the rest of the group has birthdays in January, February and March.  Isn't that crazy?  In fact, today is Jennifer's birthday, so Happy, Happy to Jenn!

Jenn is an inspiration y'all.  She has lost 45 pounds, the right way.  She is watching what she eats, portion control and exercising.  I'm so proud of her.  She feels SO much better and has a lot more energy. 

We talked for a long time about how hard it is to eat healthy and make good decisions.  She shared some good ideas and I told her about some of these.  

I think it is a good thing for us to post about any new healthy finds because we can all use a little extra help making wise choices.  I know I love seeing posts about new types of food that are out that I may have otherwise not known about.

First up, these Perdue Simply Smart Chicken nuggets, strips or filets.  Y'all these are good.  For one filet/breast, it is 190 calories.  It's already cooked but frozen and I'm telling you all, these are worth the cost of $5.99/bag at Target.  I keep these babies in my freezer for a last minute dinner.  Kevin tosses his in buffalo sauce while I eat mine plain.  I could pour marinara over it and a slice of low fat mozzerella and have chicken parm.  Highly recommend.

Bagel thins.  These are only 110 calories instead of the usual 250/300 calories of a bagel with all that bread.  I make turkey sandwiches on these for lunch instead of regular bread or I slap some light cream cheese on one for breakfast and have a yogurt.

I like to keep these in the freezer for when I'm craving a biscuit.  Kevin liked these until he found out they had turkey sausage instead of regular sausage.  It's all in his head.  I can't tell a difference.

I love putting this on top of low fat strawberry yogurt for breakfast.  YUM.

Jenn also told me about a great thing she makes on Sunday for her work week breakfasts.  Use a muffin pan and put a piece of turkey bacon around the outside of each cup (like on the vertical part).  Fill it with egg beaters and top with a pinch of cheese.  She said they are 120 calories for two of them and they keep you full!  I need to make these soon!

In the comments, put a link back to a post you've done some healthy recipes or write a quick one out if you know one!  That way we can get even more ideas from each other!


Suz said...

I bought those simple smart chicken strips at Lowes 2 wks ago. Love them! Bought the filets at HT on sale yesterday! Happy birthday & congrats to Jen!

Dee Stephens said...

We obsessed with bagel thins right now!

megan said...

I LOVE those everything bagel thins!! So glad you posted about those chicken strips. Would be perfect for Cameron to make when I have to work late.

Nicole said...

I love the egg muffins! You can make them so healthy also by using only egg whites add adding in some chopped veggies! I've even got my parents hooked on them! :)

Elizabeth said...

I live off the Jimmy Dean delights and Special K flatbread breakfast sandwiches during the work week. I love some Kashi go lean on the weekends, too. I eat mine with almond milk. I'm going to have to pick up the chicken nuggets for when we need a quick dinner.