Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Varsity

Last week when I was in Atlanta for Kevin's business trip, he said it was essential that I try the Varsity since I hadn't before.  It was weird timing because all you girls had just been there for the Beth Moore weekend and some of you had visited the Varsity.  This was the Monday after!  I wish I had been there with yall too!   
Anyway, for those who haven't been, when you walk in, it is huge (the world's largest drive-in, even though you can go in to order too).  They have a long counter of people waiting to take your order and they are all yelling, "whatta-you-have, whatta-you-have."  So basically don't go up to the counter unless you're ready.  Kevin and I just split one hot dog with chili and cheese on it.  It was so good!  Next time you're in Atlanta, make a stop here! 

Okay this is it for Atlanta posts, yall are probably getting tired of hearing about my 2 day trip - haha....but it was so fun!  :)

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