Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Abernathy Bash and Mother's Day Weekend

On Saturday night, Kevin and I and one of Kevin's friends (Brad) went to the Thirsty Beaver in Plaza Midwood to the Abernathy Birthday Bash.  This isn't like any birthday get together, these boys are crazy.  We knew it would be a good time.  I went to school with Ben (I've always called him Benny so let's do that) and Andy is his cousin who was a year or two older than us in civil engineering.  This is them blowing out their candles.  Please take note: Benny does not typically wear jorts with cowboy boots or jorts at all...ha!
This what kind of establishment this was...hole in the wall where you should drink liquor so you don't have to go to the bathroom often...they are shared among guys and girls.  NASTY!
These are part of my "country boys."  We missed you Matteo!  Brandon, Me, Benny and Mikey.  I've known these boys for about 10 years now and they are like my brothers.  They were always there in college if I needed a light in my car replaced or something broke at my house....those kind of guys.  The kind of guys who always had to approve of who I was dating and I had to approve of who they were dating.  Ha!  Speaking of which, Benny get with the program and commit to your sweet girl! 
Anyway, we had a great time as always with you guys! Happy Birthday!

Sunday we went to church with Kevin's family.  Afterward we went back to his parents house to hang out and grill out to celebrate his Mom on Mother's Day. 
We had fun playing corn hole and chit chatting.  Around 4pm, they heated up the grill and threw those massive steaks on.  The above picture is Kevin and his brother Joe - ya think they are related?!!  Brittany brought a salad and an amazing coconut cake.  I brought au gratin potatoes and pretzel salad.  I should have taken pictures of both so I could post the recipes.  Next time! 

We had a great time and love going to see them.  It always brings us back down to the basics and lets us enjoy the simple things in life.  Sometimes it is SO good to get out of uptown and Southpark and see what real life is about!  :)  Plus there is nothing better than going "home" for Kevin.  I just wish I could have been with my Mama on Mother's Day!!!!

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