Friday, August 21, 2009

Heckuva Week

Sorry for being MIA all week. I had to keep it top secret that I was traveling for work because I was going up a day early to surprise Mom for her 29th (+30) birthday on Tuesday! She was shocked when I walked into the house at lunch time. Her friend Colleen had just gotten there and they were headed to the beach for lunch so I joined them too. Dad helped me figure out all the timing. It was perfect. So, I drove them down to the beach and we had lunch at the Sunset Grill right on the water. They had some adult beverages so it was eventful to say the least - they gossiped (loudly) like they were 18! Crazy! Here is a picture of the soft shell crab sandwich I had - DELISH.
Then we ran around Ocean City and picked up a few things. Went to my favorite store at the beach - and got a teal skirt - it is super cute. We headed back to Salisbury and I did some work. Then we went to Old Mill and picked crabs, our neighbor Mrs. Black came too. Dad got Mom a TCBY cake so here she is blowing out her 5 candles (in honor of her last year being in her 50's). She is just SO young!

It was about 9:30pm and Dad had fallen asleep. I tried to take a picture of him asleep but he must have heard me turn the camera on. Here he is as he had just woken up... He may be old, but he's smart!!!!

Drove up to PA on Wednesday for a night meeting. It was a disaster from the second I got into town. Literally a monsoon. Most of the time, I'm fine traveling every week for work but times like this week, I would so much rather be in Charlotte. I am in the middle of a monsoon, I still have to go to the 7pm public meeting. So I run into a Burger King to change into my suit dress. Gross but no other choice. Then I look for somewhere to have something decent for dinner. Well that doesn't exactly exist in Brodheadsville, PA. Taco Bell was where it was at - ha. So I had a chicken quesadilla. Gross #2. Also, I had forgotten my car phone charger, so I am standing in the middle of the Taco Bell, holding my phone which is charging in the ONLY outlet in the place. I already stick out because no one in there knows me (everyone else knows each other), let alone standing there charging my phone in a suit dress. AHH. The joys of traveling. Go to my meeting, it didn't go well at all. We were up there for 2 hours and got nothing accomplished.
I drive back to Newark, NJ to my favorite Hilton of all times (for real). Had to stop in downtown Newark and get gas at 10:30pm (Dad, don't be mad, I had no choice but I promise it was well lit and a ton of people around). Get to the hotel and do some work for another hour or two. The next morning US Air called. That is always a bad sign. My flight was canceled due to maintenance. Only way I could get home before 10:30 last night was to fly out of Laguardia. Thank goodness I had my rental car still and most importantly my GPS. It took me through the Holland tunnel and across Manhattan. Awesome. I love driving with a bunch of northern idiots. I mean come on people, it is an extra 10 seconds. BE NICE to other drivers!!! Get to Laguardia and to the US Air club. I had forgotten my dern phone charger in my hotel room. Now I have been traveling every week for 2.5 years and I have never once left anything in a hotel room. GRR. I borrow some guys charger at the club so it will last until I get home. Get to my gate and we're on the Panthers plane. How fun!
Finally get home (after sitting in the back of the plane - of course lost my first class seat when the first flight got canceled). In the end, I was just glad to be on a plane and back to the south, where people are nice, normal and not rude. BLAH. I'm done rambling and complaining.
Kevin and I had a nice dinner last night at Alexander Michaels. He is so good at realizing when we should go out to dinner - AKA when I get home from a terrible week up north!!
Got a busy weekend coming up. Going to see Josh Turner and Alan Jackson tonight then to Greenville, SC for Churl's bridal shower. Looking forward to everything! There are some other things going on that are a surprise so we'll chat about those on Monday! :) Yall have a good weekend!!!


  1. I don't know how you do it. I'm exhausted just reading it're quite a trooper. :o) -Ashley T.

  2. Dude I told you to call me when you came to PA! I coulda saved ya. Next time plan ahead :)