Monday, August 24, 2009

Churl's Weekend and Kevin's Dad's 60th

Started the weekend by going to the Josh Turner and Alan Jackson concert with Laura and Brandon. We had a good time. Our tickets were only $10 and we basically only went to see Josh so we left after a few of Alan's songs.

Went to Greenville, SC on Saturday morning for a shower for Churl. She and Brian are getting married on October 24th and we couldn't be more excited for her!!! L to R - Carrie, Suz, B, Bushy, Churl, Brehon, Mo, B.
The shower was a wine and cheese theme!

Unfortunately, I couldn't stay for her Bachelorette night, but I heard they had a blast! I had to get back to Charlotte for Kevin's Dad's surprise 60th birthday party. Here is Kevin with his Dad, Mom, sister in law Brittany and brother Joe. We had so much fun celebrating that we are going to do it again tonight for his actual birthday. They are coming uptown and we're going to Coastal.
Kevin had asked me to drive his car to Greenville so I wouldn't put miles on my car. When I got back, Kevin and his dad had completely detailed every inch of it. It was black again, not gray! What a nice treat!

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