Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Football Game, Soccer, Oktoberfest

We had a fun weekend and hope you did too! Molly Anne cheered at the high school football game on Friday night like she does every year! We got smart this year and had a little tailgate after we dropped our girls off. Thanks Kelly for organizing!

Tyler and Grady hanging on the back of the pick up trucks.

Molly Anne and Greer always have Ava as their cheerleader! She is sooo sweet to them! This year Sadie, Izzy and Paisley joined!

The Moms

Saturday morning early soccer pictures and a game. 

The queen of crafts wherever she is!

We came home Molly Anne made pumpkin bread on her own. I always felt like I don't let my kids cook with me enough mainly because I don't want to deal with the mess. Let's just say this - I'm glad I didn't put all of that pressure on myself for years. She picked it right up yesterday and it was super easy and no problem at all. So moral of the story - your children don't have to start cooking with you at age 3 if they want to do it at age 8! She was soooo proud of her pumpkin bread and it was gone in 24 hours!

Grady worked on legos but not long enough. He doesn't have the lego bug like Molly Anne does but maybe one day?

I went over to our neighborhood clubhouse and helped some of my friends set up for the Oktoberfest. It was such a fun time! Possibly too fun! ;)

Sunday we just chilled around the house, got some chores done and regrouped. I did some work and got ready for the week. Here's to a much less chaotic week this week! Fingers crossed.

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