Friday, April 19, 2013

Final Honeymoon Recap

Alright this is my last recap!  Sunday morning we flew from Honolulu back to Kapalua.

The airport in Kapalua is not very fancy.  Ha!

We went to the pool and laid low for awhile.  That's Jeff.

Then we decided to walk down to the beach for awhile and we ended up having lunch at the Beach House Restaurant on the Ritz property.  This is the view from our table.

Surprise, I had Tuna!  Kevin had blackened mahi mahi!

Then we headed to our 1pm spa appointment.  We had a couples massage.  Kevin had a deep tissue and I had the hot stone.  Have you all ever had a hot stone massage?  It was awesome!  I also picked up this super cute Lolo vinyl bag to keep my phone, camera and money in while at the pool or beach.  I'm minorly obsessed with it!  We headed back to the pool and hung around some more.  

We finally got showered up and decided for dinner that we were going to bop around the Kapalua area and do an appetizer at each place.  We started with the Ritz.

Then went to Marimam's for the bbq quesadilla and a drink.  At this point we were so exhausted and just done.

We went back to Pineapple Grill for the pineapple upside down cake and a water.  It was worth it!  We never order desserts so the fact that we got three over the whole trip was a record.

Back to the Ritz.....lobby...

The next morning we went to the Honolua Store for our last breakfast.  This was this past Monday.  We then headed to the beach.  Noone was down there yet so we had the private beach to ourselves.  Gorgeous.

Then we went back to the pool.  Kevin chatted with the Maui Jim guy.

We split a burger (we got all of our favorite food from the trip on our last day) up in the room while we did our final packing.  We had to check out by 2pm.  

Kevin showered up and he laid in the hammock (his favorite) for a few hours.  I went to the pool.

I didn't even shower but we hit up the Sansei sushi happy hour and loved it again.  

This time we got the tempura ice cream.  Unbelievably tasty and worth every calorie.  I think I gained 15 pounds on the honeymoon but I'm already getting it off.  Kevin is working hard now too to lose weight, I'm proud of him.

See, I hadn't even changed from being at the pool and beach all day.  Oh well...

I took some last pictures before our shuttle to the airport came at 7:30pm to pick us up.  This is the store where we got breakfast most mornings.

Front of the Ritz.

And then it was time to go.  Very bittersweet.  It was the best trip we've ever been on.  We didn't hold back at all - if we wanted to do something, we did it.  That was a good feeling and something only to do on your one honeymoon.  We felt very fortunate that we were able to pull off such an amazing trip...definitely a once in a lifetime!

Please note I still had not showered at this point but I did change my clothes.  My friend Tara gave me this cute scarf.  It was so comfy to wear on the red eye home.  
We flew through Phoenix and got back on Tuesday afternoon around 4pm to Charlotte.  It was very weird that we had been to the pool earlier that day but it had really been on Monday.  Weird.

The 6 hour time difference didn't bother me at all on Wednesday at work but Wednesday night I hardly slept.  I think I got 4 hours of sleep.  I have this weekend to catch up! :)  It was worth it!

Hope you all enjoyed the honeymoon recaps.  I'm glad to have done it so I'll always have record of what we did!  

Happy Weekend!


  1. I loved the recaps! It looks like y'all had an amazing time!

  2. Okay, to Hawaii I must go! I loved your recaps and can't WAIT for wedding details!

  3. Agree with April - can't wait to see all the wedding pics! :)

  4. love your cover up and these posts were great! ironically my boyfriend and I were thinking of going to Hawaii to celebrate my graduation. your posts only further encouraged the idea!

  5. Just reading this and LOVE! I'm hungry after just seeing your pictures! We never order dessert either but when I was pregnant I did! I figured if I couldn't drink wine then eat cake!
    (then I scaled back so I didn't gain a 100lbs)
    The hammock would have been Brad's favorite too.
    YAY for you guys on losing weight! We need to as well!

  6. Love that pic of y'all before the spa appointment! That tempura ice cream looks delish!! What a great honeymoon!

  7. Loved the recap! Your pictures are gorgeous! I cannot wait to hear about the wedding!! xx