Thursday, February 7, 2013

On Food and Drink

We all know it's a constant struggle every day with what we eat and drink to stay healthy.  I know it is for me at least. 
Hmmm plain carrots or junk food?  Yeah, let me think about it.
But something my friends Tara, Kristen and I talked about when we ran a lot was that we need to eat clean.  Whole grains, vegetables, fruit.  We always feel better when we eat this way, instead of a breaded chicken sandwich and french fries.  It keeps us fuller longer and makes us feel better about ourselves and is best for our long term health. 
Why is that so hard to comprehend?  I don't know, but it is for me! 
Why are pizza and beer so good?
I'm a big believer in portion control.  And I'm also a big believer in splurging every once in awhile.  But not every day!  Last Friday night we went to the fish camp.  Ladies and gents - that was a splurge, despite my baked potato instead of fries.  The fried shrimp, three hushpuppies and slaw - splurge!  But worth it!  I made sure to walk and run this past weekend and I cut back in other areas.

You can't be so strict on yourself all of the time, but making sure we are healthy is important.
Let's be honest, I'm no nutritional pro but I did learn some things from my Mama growing up about eating veggies, fruits and greens things instead of anything white (usually bad)!
Am I trying to be that crazy bride that loses 20 pounds before her wedding?  No.  Although that'd be nice, I want to look like me!  Am I trying to be really careful about what I consume between now and the next 60 days?  Yes!  But I'm not killing myself over it. 
Just thought I'd write about something that I think we all struggle with daily.  I know I do.
Share your tips!


Fran West said...

It is soooo hard! Here are my rules:
1. I dont drink vino Sun-Thurs night (unless we have a party).
2. Lunch is generally a salad with lean meat and TONS of veggies...keep the cals low!
3. I HAVE to have a snack when I get home- so I do! But since I had a low cal lunch- its ok...
4. No carbs after 6.

My wedding advice- cut out the salt and double your water intake. Seriously! It does wonders :)


Real College Student of Atlanta said...

i agree with portion control; no need to completely cut amazing foods!!

Leslie said...

I really struggle with this. Or actually, I haven't been struggling with this for quite awhile and realized that I needed to. So I've started. I agree that it really is about portion control. It's amazing how much better I feel about myself knowing that I can have treats, but just not at every single meal! I think you have a good philosophy.

Miss Southern Prep said...

I'm trying to get ready for spring break, so I've been hitting the gym a lot and cutting back. I think portion control and just eating healthy 75% of the time is huge! I've had a hard time this year though, since we have a chef in the sorority house, and there's not really a choice of what to eat for lunch or dinner Mon-Fri. I'm trying, though!

Mariel said...

I have to hold myself accountable for my intake, so I've been using My Fitness Pal on my phone, tracking what I eat, my exercise, etc, PLUS I wear a pedometer which helps me be more active during the day! I am trying to lost 15# in the next 2 months so I'm with ya, girl. I have some great recipes for make-ahead, healthy lunches that include grains (gluten-free, vegan), which gives me a ton of energy, and leave me satisfied so I don't snack! Let me know if you want them!