Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Cocktail Napkins

Let's chat cocktail napkins my friends!
Yes I already have our cocktail napkins for the wedding.  I had a few requirements for our napkins:
1.  Classic and timeless.  Nothing that I'd look back on and think what in the world?!
2.  No date on them.  We'll be able to use the extras in our home forever and ever. 
3.  No colors, just ecru with a gold letter.  (not the below embossed but they are pretty too!)
So where did I find them?  Well I did a ton of research and kept finding that they were $0.33 each.  For 1,000 napkins, that adds up!  I finally found this place and we got them for $0.16 each.  Hello savings!  I recommend if you're looking for cocktail napkins for any event!  They came really quickly and are good quality!


KTBFerg said...

Lovely! We still have some from our rehearsal dinner & our wedding. I still love using them when we have friends over for cocktails, etc. You should get 2x the amount at those savings!

Anonymous said...

We did two colors - pale pink and ecru - and I hand stamped our monogram in gold at a party supply place. They looked great and I think it cost me like $17 total! I also wanted to save some to use afterwards but I have no idea what happened to them after our cocktail hour... :(

Dee Stephens said...

This is one of the first things I bought after being engaged. I just wanted to get it off my list. I was surprised how the cost adds up too.
Since we got married in Feb. and our wedding colors was red and pink I went with a red napkin with a monogram.
No date either.
I don't think we had any leftover though.

megan said...

Very classic. Love them! I'm still on the fence about cocktail napkins..I want them, but do I NEED them? I would also just probably get the first letter of our last name so that if there were any leftover, we just use them at home!

Hannah said...

I wanted something timeless and classic, too. I think ours had our names and the date embossed on them. The only thing I might have done differently was leave the date off so we could use them later, but I also like having the date for sentimental value.

Jess said...

Oh I love that! Those were good rules to follow when going for napkins. Ah, your wedding date is coming up, girl! I seriously can't wait to see all your details come together in a few months.

Lexilooo said...

I LOVE cocktail napkins, both classic and then fun styles, for parties, etc. I have so many that I've found all over the place!

Caitlin C. said...

LOVE this... you definitely made the right choice. So classic!!