Friday, October 5, 2012

Tervis Tumbler

A few weeks ago we were at the pool and let's just say this - it involved a gin and tonic in a 16oz tervis tumbler and me attempting to drink it. 
It fell.  On the concrete pool deck.  It's the perfect position. 
And cracked.
Tervis Tumbler has a lifetime warranty!  I've had to take advantage of this one other time because I didn't know you couldn't touch them with suntan lotion on your hands then put them in the dishwasher - this creates permanent finger prints FYI.
This time I went online and one of the online chat windows popped up. I asked them if I could just email them a picture of the cracked glass instead of sending it back like usual. They said sure and within 2 weeks, I had a new glass! No questions asked.
The only thing that didn't survive the fall was the gin and tonic.  Bummer!
Tervis Tumbler is the best.  I can't drink out of anything else haha!


Mel said...

thinking these might be good christmas gifts...where do you usually buy them?

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

What a great company to offer a lifetime warranty. I'm sure that is part of the major appeal of why people love the brand!

Regarding your header, it's kinda cute over to the side :) It has something to do with the html code in your template designer ... google it! :) That always helps me!

Mariel said...

Brilliant idea! Live chatting them now because my water bottle I ordered is leaking from the lid!

mFw said...

Thank you SO much for the tip!!!

amanda said...

I didn't realize that. I have a monogrammed one that has started keeping condensation in between the layers. It's kind of gross and I'm afraid it's going to get moldy. I'll have to message them!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Two of my cups have lotion finger prints- I am so going to see if they will replace them. It took me two cups to figure out the connection.


erica said...

I have a couple cups, but never realized that there was a lifetime warranty. xo

Caitlin C. said...

Obsessed with Tervis. I have five different kinds that are in rotation every day :)

wahine0814 said...

So fabulous to know! I have a slew of Tervis tumblers and I love them all. However, I have the same issue on one of mine with the fingerprints and two of my others have had the insert come loose and fall down. I'll shoot them an email and hope I can send them back for replacements!