Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paint Colors

Originally we were going to redo our hardwoods before we moved in to the house.  But both of our parents, brothers and SILs agreed that we didn't REALLY need to do them.  And to be honest, we were glad to save the mulah!

Mom suggested we put some good looking paint on the walls.  Currently it looks like a 91 year old lady lived there, because she did!  Yall know that beige that looks pink?  The whole house is covered in it.  Which it could be worse...we could have one room blue, one room orange and one room pink.  Luckily it is all "neutral." 

It doesn't look as bad in this picture.

Well my Mama went to work on paint colors for us.  She got to see the house and we took a lot of pictures to help her decide.  Her interior decorator friend came over and they looked at books of colors.  I got an email last night with paint colors for the entire house.  SO helpful!

Do you all know that she picked Sherwin Williams Jersey Cream and also Creamy?  Those are the colors they picked out 5 years ago for my condo!  Exact same ones!  Here is my current condo...
Creamy is the trim and jersey cream is the wall.  Of course they choose other colors for other rooms but this is the main color of the living areas.  I just think it's funny they didn't know these were my current colors and they picked them again.
My Mom and this lady even thought about how our house is positioned in relation to the sun, how each room will flow into the next etc.  Lots of thought put in. 
Of course I still have to run these by Kevin and we have to paint a little bit to see if we like it in each room but it's a good start for sure. 
Mama knows best! 


xx BHB said...

What a gorgeous space you're moving into! So, are you going from beige to cream?

Glitterista said...

Wow, look at your house! What gorgeous floors. I can't wait to see it with paint, and your condo looks perfect with those colors. :)

Carolina Charm said...

That is so sweet that your mom is helping you out with all the decor! And how awesome that she has an interior decorator friend?! HANDY! Yay for paint!

Portuguese Prepster said...

I'm sure the new colors will look great and much more modern! Your right...beige is the classic old lady home color haha!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Yay for paint colors! My theory with paint is that it's the least expensive way to have a BIG impact in a room. And you can always chance the colors later if your mood changes. That was so sweet of your mom to help you.


Dee Stephens said...

Exciting!! Colors can sometimes be hard!

Margot said...

I love this post because we are in the midst of getting ready to paint several rooms in our downstairs this coming weekend and we're still checking out colors! Just curious which other ones they picked out for you and always looking for inspiration.:) Love the sneak peak of the house and it will look even more beautiful with your pretty touches!