Monday, October 8, 2012

Low Key Weekend

I say it was a low key weekend but after seeing the pictures on my phone, I'm not sure it really was.  Here's the breakdown:
Friday night: Kevin gave his Dad the NASCAR driving experience for Father's Day.  Basically that means he got 8 minutes to drive around the track in a real race car.  We all went to watch.
Kevin and his niece!
Kevin and I.
Start your engines!
There he goes!
His top speed was 148.36 mph! 
 - Farmer's Market and grocery store
 - Showing at my condo
 - Made white chicken chili
 - PF Changs for dinner
 - Crate and Barrel
 - Pottery Barn
 - Lowes to look at house stuff
 - Walked to Starbucks for breakfast and fun drinks.  We never do this so it was a big treat.  We used a gift card Kevin had!
 - Made these for Panther's football tailgating - found them originally on Pinterest.
- We tailgated with friends.
- Corner Pub
Me, Tara, Erin

 - Home
Fun weekend!  Saturday was mostly unplanned which was fabulous! 
What did yall do this weekend?


megan said...

Haha that was a very busy low key weekend. :) I've got nothing exciting to report about mine - I worked Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday! Yuck.

Miss Southern Prep said...

Ahh fun weekend! Those little crescents for tailgating look SO good! Hope your Monday is going well!

Dee Stephens said...

My brother and I gave my Dad the Petty Driving Experience for Christmas several years ago. He STILL talks about it!! Loved it!!