Saturday, October 6, 2012

Review - Hana Straightening Iron

Yall know I'm a slave to my hair.  My hair is curly therefore I straighten it.  Usually I blow it out with my hair dryer and a big round brush.  But I always have to touch it up with my straightening iron.  I've had the Chi for years and have always loved it. 
I got an email from a representative at Misikko and he said they wanted to send me a hair straightener to test out.  I was excited to try something new!
A few days later, I received this package full of goodies!  It had Elf makeup, makeup brush, hair brush, and the Hana Pro 1" Flat Iron. Really quite the treat!
I had to wash my hair that evening so I used it right away!  Here is my honest review:
Pros - I loved how the electrical plug was normal and not one of those box-y ones.  It makes it easier to have my hair dryer plugged in at the same time.  It was very light to hold for 20 minutes.  It came with a heat resistant pad and case which was very nice.  I also liked how my hair didn't get stuck in between the pads like it does with other irons.
Cons - Maybe I'm too used to my Chi, but since this was so light, it didn't feel like it gripped my hair well.  I think that's maybe why it didn't do the best for my hair?  My hair is pretty horse-ish - very thick strands.  When I used smaller sections, this iron worked great. 
Misikko also has other products such as the Hana Hair Dryer which looks quite snazzy!  They sell some Chi items as well.
Overall I was impressed with the great packaging, extra goodies in the box and the quality of the straightening iron.  I just need to work on using small sections of hair in the iron  (which I should be doing anyway ha!) and I think it'll work great! 


Lexilooo said...

Lucky you! My hair is thick and curly too, and all summer long, I leave it curly, bc it ends up getting too puffy anyway! Now that it is getting cooler, I will straighten it more, I think. This looks like a great iron! I have one of the pink Hana irons.

Caitlin C. said...

Lucky girrrrl - you got a ton of goodies! Great review!

Emily said...

i won the hana blow dryer last year and i LOVE it!! don't know what i would do without it!! xoxo