Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anna Kate and Houston

Today is a very special girl's 5th birthday!  Happy Birthday to my adorable niece, Anna Kate!
Showing off her new skinny jeans a couple of weeks ago.
She is having a pink party with "only girls" invited this year at their house!
She is also receiving a tennis racket!
Happy Birthday to my Anna Kate! :)  Can't wait to celebrate with you in a lil over a week!
I don't usually post about my work trips because they really aren't that exciting most of the time but this week I went to Houston for less than 24 hours.  I don't get out west too much so it was a nice change of scenery.  Although I don't know that I could live there, it's still nice to see a new city.
I flew in around 2pm on Tuesday, had a 4pm meeting then went to see another project we are building there.  Got to my hotel, went to dinner at Goode Company Seafood.  Best gumbo I've ever had.  Beats New Orleans even!
I had tuna which was nothing to ride home about then the sweet bartender brought me a half of a piece of chocolate cream pie.  She said it was too small to serve to anyone.  My goodness, it was two times too big as it was!  I had a few bites! ;)  Delish.
Met a lot of very kind folks that were in Houston getting medical treatment and following up on their cancer diagnosis at MD Anderson.  Two couples were to get life changing the news the next day.  They were so upbeat and positive.  One lady was named Mary Lou and she and her husband sat next to meet at the restaurant.  She was SO kind and told me that she knows I'll have a nice life.  It was really sweet.  The other couple I rode in the hotel shuttle with and they were our age, so young.  They were getting a second opinion after Duke diagnosed. 
I just can't imagine.  But everyone was so positive, I couldn't get over it.  Moral of the story - you just never know.  As Mary Lou said - enjoy your life and have a good one.


Miss Southern Prep said...

That gumbo looks so good! And I can't even imagine waiting to hear news like that! It's amazing how upbeat people are, even when they're hearing something so life-changing.

Portuguese Prepster said...

wow, thinking about what those families must be experiencing gives me the chills!

Dee Stephens said...

MD Anderson is huge there. A lot of Louisiana people go there for treatment.
Anna Kate is a DOLL!!! Love her skinny jeans and YAY for tennis at an early age!

Caitlin said...

I live in Houston and it really is heart wrenching to hear the stories pretty often but it's also amazing to hear the good stories as well! Love the Goode Company restaurants - good choice!

Glitterista said...

Your niece is just too cute! Have such a blast with her next weekend. :)