Friday, August 12, 2016

Kitchen Islands

My friend Fran sent me this amazing home to check out.  It's Charles Kelley's of Lady Antebellum.  Seriously look at that link, it's so awesome.

Anyway, kitchens.  I love the white island and white cabinets.  And that herringbone.  Give me ALL the herringbone.

But I also really like a blue island.  

What I'm really leaning towards is a navy island and brass light fixtures.  Thoughts?  Or go classic white cabinets?  I want it to be timeless.  

I'm sure I'll change my mind 100 more times between now and when this process really begins but it's fun to look at pictures and dream!


MHM1314 said...

The navy & brass is AMAZING! And I so with you on the herringbone, it's such a different twist on the classic "subway" pattern.

Shauna said...

I love navy and brass but I personally was worried that it wouldn't stand the test of time. Brad and I always joked about the pink tile that was found in all of the bathrooms in the 50s. When we liked something trendy we asked ourselves if that would end up being the pink tile of our generation.... anyway, it helped us :)

Leslie said...

That is a beautiful kitchen, and I will definitely check out the rest of the home! I think everything ends up looking a bit dated eventually, and at the very least, stuff wears out and has to be replaced. So I say do what you love!

Tess said...

I sort of am loving that blue island. Can I steal that idea to stock away for the future? I think it's fun, and its just paint so if you were worried about resale - super easy switch!

Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

I love that blue island. A little something different! If I had my way, our island would be a blue gray. But our kitchen is so far down the to-do list. So exciting to design a kitchen - it was my favorite room in our last house and really is the heart of a home.

Tracy Lyons said...

The navy island is so fun. Love it! I would say that it's still timeless - and very much you. :)