Friday, August 17, 2012

Fran's Honeymoon Shower

Last night I went to Fran's honeymoon shower that her friends hosted for her at her home!

It was so much fun and the perfect kickoff to her wedding this weekend!  I will have lots to recap on Monday for sure!  Her wedding will be perfect in every way.

Everyone brought her a gift to use on her honeymoon to Mexico.  Some brought crazy shades, hats, fun beach bags or sunscreen.

Others brought some lingerie for her!

I got a hot pink beach towel monogrammed in navy with her new married initials!  Even if she can't fit it in her suitcase, it'll be nice to have when she gets home.  At least I think so ha!

Since it was an 8pm shower, they served fruit with a sweet dip, these lil cheesecake bites that were to die for, a chocolate thing I didn't try and strawberries with chocolate dip. 

The drinks were served in champagne glasses of course.  They had raspberries in the bottom of all the glasses and then you could choose what you poured into yours and any combo - champagne, raspberry sherbet and/or raspberry lemonade.  It was such a cute idea!

So other than her band canceling YESTERDAY all is set up for this weekend.  One of the band members is in the hospital.  Luckily East Coast Entertainment saved the day and got them a new one for tomorrow!  Crazy!


Mariel said...

That is SUCH a cute shower idea! You can never have too many fun hats, sunglasses, and monogrammed towels! Love what you got her!

megan said...

Band canceled yesterday?!? YIKES!! Glad she already found another one! That is a great shower idea!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

I love this shower idea, and that towel is just way too cute. Great idea.

Caitlin C. said...

What a cute shower! And those drinks sound fabulous - YUM. Love it!

Glitterista said...

I would be panicking if that was my band--so glad to hear they were able to get a backup! Love this shower theme, and that towel is a perfect gift. I can't wait to get anything with my new married monogram. :)