Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Day In The Life

6:46am - Wake Up (unless I'm running then I get up at 5:46am)

7:06am - Finally get out of bed and get ready

7:26am - Depart my house for Southpark

7:50am - Arrive in Southpark to work all day.  During lunch I do errands or sometimes just work through lunch.

6:00pm - Arrive home from work

6:01pm - Start cooking dinner if Kevin hasn't already done so.

7:15pm - Finish eating and cleaning up.

7:16pm - Get ready for the next day - lay my clothes out, pack our breakfasts and lunch, chores

8:00pm - These days it's watching the Olympics for two hours. 

10:00pm - Out like trout. 

This is all assuming I have nothing to do after work which I usually do.  Most times I get home around 8pm from whatever it may be then start getting ready for the next day. 

So this probably wins for the most boring post ever.  Maybe I'll do another one - A Day In The Life of When I Travel.  That should REALLY be exciting!  ;)


Dee Stephens said...

Sounds like my schedule except I wake up and eat breakfast at home instead of at work.

Portuguese Prepster said...

out like a trout! hahaha that had me cracking up! Especially since I go to bed super early too!