Monday, September 19, 2016

Weekend - Festivals, Charity Event and Clothes Swap

As usual, we didn't do much on Friday night.  We ended up going to Bad Daddy's for dinner then driving by our lot.  By the time I get to Friday, I'm just happy to be there so we usually keep things low key.  

Saturday Molly Anne and I had a big day.  We came upon the DogFest going on at Blakeney so we took a spin around there.  Then we went to Target and Home Goods...I found a silver frame at Home Goods for her Dubose picture which I hope to be showing you all that one and the bigger picture very soon.  

We zipped by the house, Kevin was at work then we went to the Weddington Town Fair and it was so so cute.  Very small town feeling!

Sarah, Mike, Gigi and Mary Scott met us over there!  The petting zoo was the highlight!

No, Molly Anne it isn't Mills.  

She thought this lamb was definitely a Mills.  No you cannot tackle it and hug all over him.

She was not into baby duck!!  She did pet him but we skipped her nap that morning so she was a bit over life at this point.

Nap then pool!  We went on the waterslide and she LOVED it.  It's pretty slow so perfect for us!  

Saturday evening we played and Brad and Shauna came over.  She finally is starting to stick those shapes in the right holes!  So cute.  I love watching her figuring stuff like that out.  Sometimes I just sit and watch and let her play on her own.  

Kathryn came over to watch Molly Anne and Brad, Shauna, Kevin and I went to this.  We helped sponsor the event so we got four tickets to go! 

Our friend Keith in the white helped put the event on.  It was for premature babies and it was on the rooftop of the Epicentre uptown.  We ended up seeing a bunch of other people we knew.  Charlotte is really small sometimes!

Good times!  

Sunday morning chillin.  Mills always has to be where Molly Anne is!  Midday Kevin hung with Molly Anne and I swapped all of her clothes out.  I took everything that is too small and too summery out of her drawers and closet.  Let's just say this - she doesn't have very many clothes any more.  Her closet is bare.  Am I the only one that has a really hard time saying goodbye to her clothes?  It is probably because I know they might never be used again.  Boooo.  I do keep them stored in big bins up in the attic and labeled by size.  Maybe just maybe they'll be pulled out one day?!!  

After her afternoon nap, we headed back to the pool for our final time!  Sad to see our pool days end.  We saw a friend from her music class while we were there yesterday so that's fun that they live in our new neighborhood too.  Isn't that playground splash pad unreal?!

We grilled out for dinner last night and hit the bed early.  Happy Monday friends!  Busy week this week!


Just Jess said...

MA at the petting zoo is too cute! It looks like y'all had so much fun at the event. What a great weekend! Jess at Just Jess

Tess said...

You looked awesome on Saturday! Perfectly balanced weekend - and I can't wait to see the pic!

MWH said...

Fridays are always low key around here too. Relaxing is the best way to start the weekend...

Leslie said...

What fun! I love the petting zoo pictures. Also, SC hasn't figured out the shapes either, so good to know that will happen in a few months!