Friday, September 30, 2016

Seven on Friday - Brick, Girl's Night, MA & Mills

1.  I'm somewhat traumatized because whatever updated within blogger yesterday erased all of the links to my favorite blogs on the left side of my blog.  I have tried to put some back but I had added by link versus by blogs I follow and it only saved the ones I follow.  Grr.  I'll try to add more this weekend.  

2.  I believe that you must have good girlfriends to go through life with.  They have truly made a difference in my life and I'm thankful for them.  We went out the other night to Village Tavern for drinks and dinner after all of our babes were in bed.  Girl time is good for the soul.  And...having other moms to bounce ideas off of and talk to...necessary.  As we all say, we are all doing the best we can raising our children and that's enough!  Ra-ra-ra!!

3.  I don't even like coffee but I like this little combo right here!  I only drink it once every couple of weeks but it's always a treat when I do.  I tend to stick to water during the days so this feels extra special when I drink it.  Ha!

4.  Mills has been extra sweet this week and he loves our little Molly Anne just as much as we do.  I know, I talk about it all of the time but I love this bubba.  

5.  I miss her when she sleeps.  I really do.  I put her to bed, breathe a sigh of relief because I can finally get a few things done, I do those things then I want to get her back out of bed again!

6.  BRICK.  Here are our three samples.  They all have the german mortar smear on them which means they are somewhat "sloppy" with the mortar and they rub some on the brick.  

leaning towards one of these two...

up close of the left one

up close of the right one.  also considering this one with lighter mortar.  

7.  Met April and Sarah and their girls at the playground yesterday after work.  My girl loves the swings.

Zonked out last night...she wasn't asleep but just loves cuddling up with me lately.  I LOVE IT.  She has a little runny nose so I'm hoping she feels better today.  We have a fun Saturday planned with friends!


MHM1314 said...

Sleeping babies are the cutest!!! Hope y'all have a great weekend.

Elizabeth at The Lovely Latte said...

Sweet MA. I love the right brick. Can't wait to see your new home come together!

Jennifer Miller said...

You look beautiful in the Out to Sea! That dress was made for you! Enjoy the weekend!

Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

Such a sweet girl. I love the brick on the right too. It's so light.

Leslie said...

I love how they did the brick samples for you all. It's starting to feel like you are getting so much closer to your dream house being completed! Such an exciting time for you all! Also yay for girl time, sleeping babies and golden retrievers! I think those might be three of the sweetest things in life!