Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pool in the new hood

On Sunday after we got back from our little trip, I took Molly Anne to the pool at our new neighborhood since our current neighborhood pool already closed.  I have no idea why I hadn't done this sooner but the main reason is I didn't have the keyfob to get in but last week I got it from our builder!  

This pool is literally like a resort.  See far left of the picture below...it's a huge splash pad playground type thing.  And also a shallow area of between 1-2' deep so Molly Anne gets in her little tube and plays without me holding her.  

Far right side is a lazy river and waterslide.  Crazy.

And of course the bigger pool in the middle!  Three lifeguards on duty wherever the kids are playing.

Molly Anne didn't want to leave.  I may take her on the waterslide next weekend.  We'll see.  I got a little nervous at first but I saw a child go down it and it's pretty slow.  I know she'd love it.

Mr. Mills had a big weekend at Camp.  He evidently played with his golden girlfriend Maui!  Cute right?!  This was him on Sunday night about 8:30pm.  Dead to the world.  Don't bother me Mama.  Ha!


Tess said...

What an awesome thing to have right around the corner!

Tracy Lyons said...

Awesome! Can I come join you on that lazy river??