Thursday, September 22, 2016

Five on Friday - Charlotte, Artwork, Golf, 15 month

1.  Charlotte - what's going on in Charlotte right now is incredibly embarrassing and has got to stop.  I don't care if you're green, black, white, purple or orange, it is completely unacceptable to throw tables through glass windows of businesses, break into businesses to steal and act like complete fools.  Unbelievable.  Huge shout out to CMPD.  Thank you. 

2.  In lighter news, some of Molly Anne's pieces of artwork!  A couple weeks ago, Ms. Becky did a week of learning about apples!  They made apple sauce, read books about apples, made an apple tree and I'm sure did other fun things I don't know about.  Molly Anne is so cute when she tries to say, "apple!"

3.  I was in Pittsburgh this week for a charity golf tournament that one of our clients put on.  It was too much fun!

4.  Sleeping beauty.  

5. Yesterday we had Molly Anne's 15 month check up!  She's 50th percentile across the board except for height which is 75th percentile. When you put it all together her BMI is 50%!  22 pounds, 8 ounces, 31"!

 Looking forward to a good weekend. Sorry that's all I've got today!  

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Suzanne said...

There's no such thing as purple (or green) people. And the reason that blacks (and whites) are protesting in Charlotte is because of improper protocol by police. This is not to say that all police are bad nor to condone violent looters. But it's extremely myopic to call the mostly peaceful protesters embarrassing and not acknowledge their completely justified horror with a system that discounts black lives.