Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where I Get Molly Anne's Clothes

I know, I know, I've been meaning to do this post for awhile because some of y'all have asked me several times to tell you where I get them!  And yes, my daughter is definitely better dressed than I am!  ;)

Here are the places I get her things:

1.  My friend Christine does most of the monogramming.  My friend Anni did a few pieces for her last Fall.  I order all of the plain tees and onesies (when she used to wear them) from Blanks Boutique.  They truly have the best quality I've found.  Plus, you can't beat the ruffle sleeves! ;)  

2.  Shutterbugs - a cute boutique in Raleigh.  I've become friends with Michelle and she knows what I like.  I've been to the store once and that became a $250 disaster that Kevin probably wasn't thrilled with.  But everything is SOOOO cute!  I mostly get Baby Luigi things from there and they are pieces that she can wear to Ms. Becky's and I don't freak if something gets on them.  Shutterbugs has anything smocked you want but it's cheaper if you get them on Instagram...see below.  

3. Instagram - specifically these sellers - Sweet Baby Tutu (my favorite), Cecil and Lou and Southern Smocked Company.  

4.  Moms In Charge (aka MICIT) - a local facebook group with all Moms that mostly (ha!) have the same taste.  It's pretty nice to get a brand new Kissy Kissy outfit for $14 that doesn't have an ounce of wear on it.  I've bought a lot from two girls in particular.

5.  Molly Anne's white skinny jeans - I die.  Old Navy.  I have gotten her a few things from here but I'm never impressed with the quality or sizing.  It just isn't nearly as comfy as her other things.

6.  And I get her a bunch of things at Shower Me With Love which is a local Charlotte shop.  I am going to be really honest - they have a lot of the same things as Shutterbugs but I don't think SMWL has the best customer service.  There was a thread talking about it on MICIT and I think that's a common thought around Charlotte.  Don't get me wrong...I've gotten good service there in the past but I buy way too much from them to not know me by now.

7.  Amazon has super cheap Kissy Kissy convertible gowns just so you all know!  As in under $30!

8.  Pajamas - she only wears the Carters footed PJs.

9.  Shoes - Nordstrom and her friend Gigi's closet!
Yes, I'm insane about what she wears because it's THAT fun to dress a little girl.  I do not like things with writing on "Mommy thinks I'm cute."  Yes, I'm crazy.  

That's it!  


Shauna said...

Not going to lie I had no idea what Micit stood for! Molly Anne always looks very cute :)

MWH said...

MA always looks adorable! She dresses better then me too. Gigi is such a cute nickname, what's it short for? I knew it once, but now totally blanking!

Tess said...

Right there with you on clothes with words (or characters) on them!

Ashley Carole (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

100% agree about the writing on shirts. I try to avoid it at all costs.

Mindy said...

I definitely need to check out Shutterbugs. I totally agree with you about SMWL...the customer service is lacking there for sure. And writing on clothes, UGH!!! It's kind of the worst thing ever. And I feel like it's even worse for boy clothes...I have had such a hard time finding stuff without "Daddy's Allstar" written all over it.

Leslie said...

I can tolerate some writing but I cannot stand stuff that says "princess". It drives me absolutely bonkers. Unfortunately, we received some things as gifts, so I feel like we have to use them.

MA is definitely a well-dressed baby! I need to step it up a bit with SC. Dressing a girl is so fun and I should live it up before she has opinions of her own!

Lindsay // Vineyard Loveknots said...

Kissy Kissy is one of my favorite brands. I wish I had good local options... there aren't that many stores around me that carry unique things. I need to move to the South for so many reasons.

Melissa said...

As a parent with slightly older kids I want to add my two cents...ignore as desired...😄 When my daughter was younger (like MA) I definitely dressed her up. It was fun, and still is. But he older my kids get the worse they treat their clothes. O is 6 now and comes home from school stained with food and markers every day. So now we save good stuff for special times and then mostly do Target, ONavy, and Kohls for school!

Bradley B said...
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Bradley B said...
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Bradley B said...
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Bradley B said...

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