Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Preparing for Travel Away From Baby - Part 2

This is what goes on when we leave Molly Anne with Kevin's parents!  I take our whole life to their house.  Basically.  And Mills goes to camp.  So I pack the three of us when we leave. It's exciting.  

There are honestly pros and cons to both... having her with my parents at our house (mills stays, I don't have to pack for everyone, all of MA's stuff stays where it belongs) and having her with Kevin's parents at their house (they take care of their own meals, I don't have other people in our house - not that my parents count because they don't but..).  

Both sets of parents return her in the same condition as we leave her, both sets of parents do all of her laundry, both sets clean all of her bottles and do everything mostly like I'd do it! ;) It's amazing that they raised kids too, hahah!!!!  Sometimes I just have to get over myself and remember Molly Anne and all kids are resilient. They roll with the tide.  So I need to roll with the tide too. I do mostly....but y'all know I'm crazy...and thankfully Kevin's parents have known me for some time now so they know I'm nuts too. Ok so here is my list of stuff that I take to his parents or with us when we go on a trip.  

Info printed - schedule, emergency sheet and medical release form 
Fresh puréed fruit
Frozen veggie cubes
Any other food she may like to have that they may not keep stocked 
Baby bullet - if staying for awhile.  I'm crazy and puréed food for Kevin's mom.  
Molly Anne's munchkin spoons 
Plastic Plates
Toosh cream - triple paste!
Outfits in gallon size bags labeled by day. Bow clipped onto the shirts in bags. 
Formula - I send it pre-portioned in formula containers plus I always send a lot of extra in a Tupperware container just in case 
Burp cloths - labeled and in a gallon baggie
Bibs - labeled and in a gallon baggie
Lovie/baby duck
Medicine cabinet which is in a gallon baggie and includes gas drops, Benadryl, Tylenol, Motrin and nasal aspirator.  I have each medicine in its own small baggie and I write the dosage on the bag in a sharpie.  It says the dosage on the bottle but I think on the bag is easier for quickness. 
Hair Brush
Tub - I no longer take this to his parents because she can hang in the real tub
Bath Towel
Couple bath toys
They have their own pack n play. 

Yup told y'all I'm overboard. But hey, you can't say I wasn't prepared! ;)


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Honestly it doesn't sound crazy at all. You sound both organized and considerate. They are doing you a favor so you are trying to make it as easy as possible for them. Don't beat yourself down for being on the ball, little momma!


Amanda said...

Not crazy at all!!! I was/am a very blessed daughter. My parents live in the same town (within 15 minutes of my house/job) and my mom was a stay at home mom who has always said that when the grand babies came along that if we worked that she wanted to be the care provider for the babies until they were old enough to actually tell us that someone was hurting them.
And she did just that, from the day I returned to work at 7 weeks until they were 2 she kept them 5 days a week and then at 2 she wasn't ready to fully give up her time so they started preschool 2 days a week and spent 3 with her until Kindergarten. To make things easier, I kept duplicates of everything - bottles, cans of formula, wipes, diapers, burp cloths, a pack n play, toys, extra blankets, and even extra clothes at her house.
My youngest will start Kindergarten in the fall and I think it is a little bittersweet for us all. Needless to say my kids have a very special bond with Nana.