Thursday, May 26, 2016

What MA Was Up To - Pulling Up

Kevin and Molly Anne have fun when I'm gone and I think it's good for them to be together by themselves if you know what I mean!  

This week he got to see a first on Monday. She pulled up for the first time!  I hate I missed it but I'm glad Kevin got to see a first!  He also got her almost saying mama so that made my lil heart melt that he worked on it with her and that she almost is saying it!  Although she prob still doesn't know what it means ha!


Megan said...

Big girl! Daddy time is important...I have to remind myself of that because Mary Mac definitely seems more like a mama's girl. On an unrelated note...where are your MA's curtains from?

Leslie said...

So sweet! I also love MA's little outfit. I agree that it is so important for dads to be as equally involved as possible. SC is such a fan of her daddy that it gets a little ridiculous. Love that she is learning mama too!