Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Make Up Lessons

Well first things first!  I have good news to share. One of my dear friends told me yesterday that she is pregnant and I am SO thrilled for her!  After a long journey, they'll be welcoming that sweet babydoll in December!  Cannot wait!!  I get to see her next week and we will celebrate!

This lil one fell asleep like this last night which is rare.  Usually she's a stomach sleeper!  

Yesterday I dumped all of the pics and videos off my phone and onto my computer. Today I'll upload them all to Picassa and my external hard drives for extra back up. I keep one at home and one at my office. You can never have enough back ups!  Anyway I have a total of 15 pics on my phone and it feels GOOD and clean!!!  1,500 was way too many. 

Last night our friends got together and had a makeup artist come to our girls night!  Our dressing of choice these days is workout clothes. #noshame We are all just glad to be there after long days with kids and work!  I rode my bike over....wine included of course. Yes this is my bike from growing up. Love it don't hate it.  

April was our model and she doesn't even need makeup!  Check out the contouring!  I learned all kinds of fancy terms.  Considering I'm still using Clinique and no liquid foundation, I have A LOT to learn. 

Finished product!!!

It was so much fun to learn new things and be with my friends!  


MWH said...

I use Clinque and no liquid fountain either! Ha.

Leslie said...

I need some lessons! What a fun activity with friends!

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

What a fun girls night! I don't know the first thing about contouring either, haha!

Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

I love that you rode your bike over with a to go cup of wine! My kind of transportation :)

A Simple Southern Life said...

What a fun idea for a girls night!