Thursday, February 17, 2011

Valentine's Day

As I mentioned in the post before, we didn't do much for Valentines Day.  It was more of a travel day since we lost three hours coming back to the East Coast.  We did at least get to be together instead of us both working, so that was nice. 

We got home from the airport a bit after 8pm and I'm that annoying person that has to unpack everything immediately and get things in the washer (Kevin is too so it works well!).  So he went to his condo and did the same.

And yall know that the Bachelor was on so that was top priority.  While finishing things up, we popped popcorn, sat on the couch and watched The Bachelor.  During a commercial break, I gave him a card that had a gift certificate for a good haircut and a lil man pampering (aka a beer and shoe shine) at a local men's spa place.  Surprisingly he was pretty excited about it.  He deserves it!

A few commercial breaks later, he pulls out a box (larger than the usual) and a card - I was so surprised.  The card was super cute (I'll spare you the details) and I opened the box...which may I add - he had lovingly wrapped all by himself with my wrapping paper!  :) 

In it was another brown box (the usual jewelry shop one).  He had totally asked them for a bigger box so I wouldn't know what it was right away.

I freaked because we don't do big gifts like this for Valentines!!! 
And in it - these gorgeous gold earrings with a drop stone.  They look pretty amber here but they are also grayish so I can wear them with brown and black.  He is SO good at picking out jewelry!  My goodness!

Thanks Kev for making it an extra special day and for the fun surprise!

Another couple sweet surprises were some other things I received in the mail!  A box and card from Mom and Dad that includes some super fun treats!!!  :)

AND, a Valentine from my girl Anna Kate.  In it were some new photos of her that my sis-in-law and brother had done.  They are presch and proudly hanging in my office and at home!

I felt very loved this Valentine's and hope yall did too! 


Lexilooo said...

those are just gorgeous! good job kevin!

erin - heart in ireland said...

awww :) those are adorable! and of course one from anna kate!

Dee Stephens said...

Awesome!! Glad you reminded me of that men's place down here. I might get Brad that for our first anniversary! WOOT!

DSS said...

OMG...this has got me giggling. Uncontrollably:

"And yall know that the Bachelor was on so that was top priority."

"A few commercial breaks later, he pulls out a box"

You bachelor people kill me :) jk....xoxo

Tatum-LeTard said...

Amazing earrings! So unique. And I unpack AS SOON as I get home too. Not to mention throw my clothes in the wash immediately :) The hubby does the opposite though, so be lucky Kevin is a quick unpacker :)

Dating is My Hobby said...

Wow. Great earrings! can he give lessons to Boyfriend?