Wednesday, February 16, 2011

California Day Three - Part Two - Pre Grammy Gala

THE PRE-GRAMMY GALA WAS AT OUR HOTEL  (Beverly Hills Hilton) on Saturday night!!!

It was the most amazing thing.  We had no idea before we arrived and boy oh boy did we feel lucky!!!

Kevin insisted on this picture even though I look like a train wreck haha.

We checked out the pool scene during the day while everyone was running around the hotel getting everything ready.  That is Chris Tucker on his computer.

Out front, they were giving away this Prius.

We went to Rodeo Drive and walked around the fancy schmancy shops and had a lil 'dunch' (at an amazing Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills) before we came back to the hotel for the night.  We got ready so we could be downstairs by 6pm to see stars arriving! 

Oh and when we were walking around we saw this amazing dress shop.  Oh my Panache Bridal was gorgeous.  Everyone else was taking pictures so I thought I should too!

On our way downstairs to check things out, Michael Vick got on the elevator - 5th floor (and yall he smelled SO bad).  Kevin of course said hey to him and he said what's up to Kevin.  Funny side story - the next night they gave us a free upgrade and moved us to the 5th floor.  We walked in the room and it smelled just like Vick did.  ....and I'll leave it at that.  After some major airing out with the baclony doors, we had Michael Vick's room.

We went downstairs and grabbed a drink at the hotel bar.  ....the table right next to Nick Lachey and his girl Vanessa Minnillo.  He's on the right, she's on the left.  I think the other lady was her Mom.

Kevin and I just hanging out...observing the sites.  Then Neil Young walked in so we got to see him.

I mean yall, I was freaking out, it was so cool.  It was also funny walking around the hotel because other guests were looking at us and each other to see if we were famous.  Haha!  Kevin joked with our friends back home that he had a lot of autographs to sign!

You can see the paparazzi setting up on the gold carpet!  Security was super tight so they wouldn't

We went back down to the pool and sat out there for a bit.  Isn't it gorgeous?  They had purple, blue and orange lights and the big screen projecting on the right side.  If you can see the second floor patio - that's where the event was going on. 

Kevin and I down at the pool.

And this is from the back of the gold carpet - on the left is a reporter and on the right you can kinda see the shadow of the camera guy.
It was too funny - we kept walking around circling to see if we saw people.  Kevin kept saying, "is this blog worthy?  is that blog worthy?"  Haha!

Next up is the following morning when we went into the ballroom where the event was and what we found backstage!


Dee Stephens said...

OMGGGGGGG!!! Blogalicious!! It's a wonder you even got a room there for that night!! I can't believe you snapping photos! I'm not sure I would have had to balls to do it.
This is great.
It's so funny... all of us bloggies and our hubbys. They get it after a while then they're into it too!! hahaha!!
Vick...shenanigans! Did he smell like weed? or body odor?

A Big Little Life said...

That is so exciting! Looks like you guys had an amazing trip.

Jessica said...

How exciting!! I've been waiting and waiting to see what the big news was going to be and not once did I put it together.. duh! Such an awesome experience!

Preppy Little Dress said...

AMAZING, such a treat! Wish I was there! :) Although, if I saw Michael Vick I would have probably kneed him where it counts! ;)

erin - heart in ireland said...

wow!! that is so awesome! what a fun addition to the trip! sounds like you had a blast with everything! i can't wait to read more about your trip!

April a.k.a. "A. Liz" said...

Wow - AMAZING! What a trip. I think my favorite part is Kevin asking if certain things were "blog-worthy" ... way too cute.

DSS said...

How exciting is THAT! Girl, you lead a charmed life :)