Sunday, February 6, 2011

Game Day Appetizer - Sausage Balls

I think everyone has a sausage ball recipe for tailgating or the holidays.  I will say, this one has been tried for lots of sporting events and it is perfection every time.

Sausage Balls - makes approximately 4 dozen
1 pound of Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage (I use regular)
1 cup of bisquick
3 cups sharp cheddar cheese (I use low fat)

 - Preheat the oven to 425 degrees
 - Mix all ingredients together with your hands in an oversized bowl.  If there is still powder, it isn't mixed well yet! 
 - Roll into quarter size balls and place 1" apart on a pregreased/pammed baking sheet (and make sure the sheet has sides - you don't want a grease fire)
 - Place in the oven for 5 minutes. 
 - Take out and use tongs to flip them all over. 
 - Bake for another 6-7 minutes until sausage has browned and it looks like they are done.  (My oven takes 7 minutes)
 - Get them out of the oven and let them sit for a minute.
 - Transfer them to a paper towel to let grease drain.
 - I pop mine in a tupperware lined in another paper towel until I'm ready to serve!

They are good cold but I always serve mine warm.  You can just zap them once you get to the party (and of course put them on a pretty platter).  Easy peasy!  No mess at someone else's home!


Dee Stephens said...

Yum! The only time I ever see them is during the holidays.

Sweet Carolina Girl said...

Yummy! I make these a lot and they are delicious! :)

Hot Pink Dahlia said...

These look so good..I have never heard of sausage balls before!! I will have to try this recipe out!!

DSS said...

This is my recipe too!! I always, always, always make them for cold weather Virginia Tech game tailgating :) Delish!