Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Day In The Life

I love reading other's day in the life posts so I figured I would do one.  This was a regular day which I use "regular" very lightly because we don't have many regular days because I'm always going somewhere.  But let's pretend this day happens five days a week because that would be amazing. 

6am - I wake up and take care of Millsy.  We go out, come back in to eat his breakfast, I wash his face with a warm, wet paper towel every morning then we go out again. It's been our routine for as long as we've had him so why change a good thing?  He knows what to expect. 

6:20 - I try to get some makeup on my face and brush my hair.  I always shower at night so I can sleep as long as possible. 

6:30 - Molly Anne is awake and I go give her a bottle then get her dressed for the day.  

6:45 - I put her in bed with Kevin then I get dressed and I'm out the door on my way to Southpark for work.  

7:00 - Kevin and Molly Anne play and he gets half ready.  

7:15 - he takes her to Ms. Beckys where she gets there at 7:30 then has breakfast around 8:30 and a nap after that. 

7:45 - Kevin is back home to get ready then he zips to his office.


11:30 - MA is getting her bottle and lunch at Ms. Beckys then goes down for her long nap around 12:30/12:45!

12ish - I usually do errands during lunch then pick something up at Teeter or Dean and Deluca for lunch. Kevin goes home at lunch and does laundry, bottles, yard work etc. 

3:00 - I leave my office to get Molly Anne.

3:30 - depending on when I get her, either Ms. Becky or I will give her a snack.  

4:00 - we get home and unpack and repack for the next day.  I do all packing of bags and bottles the night before so we can run out easily in the AM.  Then we play.  I'll sometimes start dinner during this time. But we always do something fun when we get home in the afternoon. Most days we FaceTime my mom too. 

5:00/5:30 - if I'm lucky I get something on the table for dinner. I try to prep for dinner the night before so it's super easy when I get home because I'd rather spend that time with Molly Anne. 

5:30 - Kevin is usually home and the three of us eat at the table together.

6:30 - bathtime for Molly Anne

6:45 - bottle 

7/7:15 - bed for her

7:30 - Kevin lays low and catches back up on work and this is when I'm just getting started!  I either prep dinner for the next night, wrap up laundry, order gifts, get my life organized, talk to a friend on the phone, read blogs, play with Mills. Whatever. 

9:00/9:30 - I shower then get in the bed. Asleep always by 9:30 or 10 on school nights!  


Tracy Lyons said...

Wouldn't five days of this be amazing! haha Sounds like a great little routine... my problem is getting out of bed BEFORE Annalee is up. Even if I'm awake, I just lay there and wait until she is up. :)

Leslie said...

I am convinced their is no typical day any more, and I am sure you feel that way even more so with your travel schedule! It sounds like everything is very organized, which I think is key!

A Carolina Mrs. said...

Love reading posts like this! You are so organized. I cannot wait until Madeline's routine is more predictable. Just when we think we've got it, everything falls apart!