Monday, January 19, 2015

Perfect Lil Weekend

We had a perfect weekend. I told Kevin last night I wish more of our weekends were like this. Lil alone time, lil family time, lil friend time, lil us time!

Friday I spent about 3 min like this before I had to get up. Those 3 min in my bare feet outside in January were glorious.  

Mills played like a wild man that afternoon when I got back from Texas. 

Friday night we did dinner with Kevin's fam at Sun Valley Cafe. Good ole country cooking...I always get the veggie plate. 

Saturday Kevin had continuing ed all day for one of his licenses so I did flywheel with Jenn and David as usual, met Kevin for lunch at terrace cafe, took mills to the car wash, and cleaned up around the house.  Of course they only did exterior so I did interior of my car when we got home. 

Saturday night we went out with Kathryn and Justin. We started with beverages and apps at brazwells then good food on montford. We had 9pm reservations at beef and bottle for dinner. So fun!

Sunday it was super nice out so I gave mills a bath and Kevin and I got ready for the week. 

When I prepped for dinners this week, I took pics to share for a post soon!

Happy busy Monday!


A Simple Southern Life said...

Those are the best weekend! A little productive but also relaxing. Have a nice Monday!

MHM1314 said...

Ooh curious to see your dinner post, I'm in an inspiration rut!!!