Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years Eve and Pawleys

I'm going to recap New Years Eve and my Pawleys Island trip today and our weekend tomorrow.  So here it goes...

NYE - our friends from the neighborhood Jeff and Kara had us over to their home and we had the best time!  We played Cards against Humanity and hung out.  

I took a 7 layer dip and fudge.  Kara had made a whole bunch of stuff.  She had a honey baked ham, cranberry meatballs, brie with some chocolate sauce on it, a sausage dip, a gazillion cookies - all good stuff.  

We got home around 1am and I had an early morning the next day.  I went to Pawleys Island to see my nieces, brother and SIL and their new home!  

Anna Kate and Fin.

My parents were also there visiting so it was fun seeing them again too.

This is in their backyard.  They are right on Pawleys Creek.  Those houses you see in the background are ocean front.

Just a lil girl in her jon boat.

My girls, Fin and I.  

Isn't it gorgeous?

Emily fixed the traditional New Years Day dinner - collards, black eyed peas and we had tenderloin my parents brought down.  My brother cooked it on his big green egg and it was really good.

The next morning, Sarah taught me how to use my new iPad.  Haha.  

We went to breakfast and they scooted, biked and road their john deere tractor.  

That afternoon I hit the road back to Charlotte to be with Kevin and Mills for the weekend and get my act together for reality today.  I had the best couple of weeks but I certainly put some miles on my car!  

Who's excited to get back to a routine?!!  And for the Lilly sale this morning?!!  And the Bachelor beginning tonight?!!


MCW said...

Getting up this morning was HARD. Where's my trust fund??? Ha.

NYE sounds perfect. Happy New Year!

Leslie said...

Your nieces are so cute! It looks like you had a great time. :)

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

We played Cards Against Humanity on NYE too! Your nieces are too cute and how fun to have family in Pawleys!