Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Low Key Labor Day Weekend

We had a super low key Labor Day Weekend.  And it was SO necessary.

First, if you didn't get to see my Paris post about our private tour of the Louvre and the surprise gala entertainment, click here.  Definitely worth reading - it was crazy!

Friday night we ate at home and I walked Mills.  

Saturday, I ran Mills while Kevin did yardwork.  Then I got in the kitchen after an early morning Teeter run.  It was time to prepare for college football game day!  Mills had his NC State collar on and I wore my red.  We got a couple dips ready (PW Restaurant Style Salsa and a cream cheese with green chilis dip) then our friends Brad and Shauna came over.  They brought their teeny tiny lil dog Bindi with them and Mills thought that was crazy.   

He ran around like a maniac all day long chasing her and she chasing him.  He acted like a total puppy, swinging his head around and getting down low on her level.  It was presch.

Kim and Jim stopped by late night but we all called it a night around 11pm.  

Sunday we basically did nothing.  I went to Target and Homegoods and then we went with Kevin's parents to Chuy's in Southpark.  It was good.  We came back and played Spades with them.  Yall ever played that card game?  It's fun!

Monday morning Mills and I walked again and visited with lots of neighbors.  Then I got cooking again and made some meals in preparation of a busy work week.  I made Skinny Taste Cheeseburger Casserole and her Chicken and White Bean Enchiladas.  

We watched some football while lil Mills fell asleep.  It was just such a nice and refreshing weekend to just hang out the three of us (mostly) and be at home.  What a concept!

This week I'll finish telling you all about our trip (only 3 small recaps left) and then I'm moving on to house stuff!


Dee Stephens said...

Your Louvere post was ridonkulous! Seriously.....you need to make a huge Shutterfly keepsake book on that trip for your future kids to see.
Do it now before you forget!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good evening. Nights in are always nice because you actually get to relax. Ha! I don't think we did anything out of the ordinary either.