Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fall Dresses

Some Fall dresses I've been eyeing....

From J.Crew - I love the color of this dress.  It'd be perfect to accessorize with fun jewelry for a night out or keep it conservative for work with pearls and classic heels.  It's the perfect length for work too.  

For some reason, I really like this dress, probably because it's different.  Definitely for a great cocktail party and even could work during the holidays.  Not sure it'd look the best on me with all of the nude but it's a pretty dress.  And Lilly so you can't go wrong with the quality!


I love the print and style of dress.  


xx BHB said...

I love that belt on the bias, so the patterns are contrasting directions. Really pretty!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Love that first dress! It's so classic!

Mariel C. said...

Gimme that 2nd dress!