Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wedding Weekend

We had a blast this past weekend with a lot of family in town!

Mom and I of course found time to go to the mall for about 30 minutes and she found some wedding shoes!

Dad loved hanging with ole Mills!  And Mills went into their bedroom this morning looking for them.  He jumped on their bed and expected to be loved on.  Poor guy misses his grandparents.

Last Thursday night we had the tasting at City Club where our reception will be.

Like our reception will be, the food was great and the drinks were flowing.  A good time had by all!

My sister in law Emily loved on Mills too!  Who couldn't love on Mills?!  I mean look at him!

The rest of our fam came over to our house on Friday night - my Aunt from Florida and cousin from Richmond!  

Saturday was the bridal shower!  Saturday night we celebrated three birthdays - Kevin's, Emily's and my Aunt Susan's!  

We all had a big time.  Perhaps we need some more chairs?  ...as Kev sits in an outdoor chair haha.  And we're working on hanging frames too.  When you move from a one bedroom condo, you don't have much to fill up the walls.

The three of them each opened a present.  Kevin got his ugly congrats paper that he contributed to my wrapping collection.  Congrats on turning a year older....ha!  He doesn't care what it looks like.  For goodness sake, the next day I gave him a gift in a Lilly bag and another in a Tory Burch bag!

After the cake and gifts, we headed outside to do shoot beer cans off the Lowes bucket.  Standard procedure when we have folks over.

And of course Kevin had a fire going.

My brother made up this style, "gangsta!"

My SIL had it right!

Then my Mama got up in there!  Look at her!

Sunday morning I made an easy breakfast - egg and sausage casserole with cinnamon buns and Emily and Laura drove back home.  Mom and I had an appointment with the organist and soloist at the church.  They are going to be wonderful!

Sunday night we went to dinner for Kevin's birthday as you saw yesterday!  

Mom and Dad left on Monday and of course we were all sad to see them go.  The good thing is that we will be in Maryland soon enough visiting with them again!


Portuguese Prepster said...

he is the cutest dog! I am dying!

Jess said...

He is so so cute that Mills of yours, but wow has he gotten big or what?!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Mills is SO cute! He has gotten so big!

Leslie said...

Mills is adorable! I love the church you are going to get married at. It's beautiful.

megan said...

Cameron picks Brady up like your Dad picks Mills up. Brady always looks soooo thrilled about it, too. From what I can see, your mom's wedding shoes look SUPER cute!

MCW said...

Shooting a can off a bucket? BB gun? My brother used to shoot squirrels off my grandparents deck, but we never made it a party game!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

Shooting beer cans is standard procedure at your house!?!? I love it and wanna come over, ha!