Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Updates and To Do's

1.  Some of our invitations did not come back correctly from the stationery shop.  The envelopes were bent.  So they had to be redone and some got sent out after the initial round.  Oh well, it happens.  

2.  We need to figure out where Kevin and I are staying the night of our wedding.  We hope this guy will be out of Kevin's condo by then but if not, I need to figure out alternative plans.  We prefer the condo but we'll see.  We're low maintenance.

3.  I also need to figure out a pedi cab or something for our exit.  I don't want to do what everyone else does but if it's nice weather, I wouldn't mind the pedi cab and taking a cruise around uptown in our wedding getups.  We'll see.

4.  My sweet planner gal booked us a shuttle bus for the ladies to get to the church the day of and then it will be used again to transport folks from the church to the reception location if they don't want to walk.  It'll just do circles.  Again it's mostly for folks that can't physically walk that far but it'll be good to have in case the we really need it.  

5.  I need to print a fun sign for the bus like Alisa suggested and I also need to print these cute little things my Aunt suggested for the bridesmaid's luncheon.

6.  I need to get more white bags for the hotel welcome bags.  

7.  I need to figure out after-parties and where they will be held.  These need to be put on the itinerary that goes in the hotel bags.  

I think that is about it for now!  I did write 22 thank you notes in one day - yesterday.  That was good to get finished!  I actually enjoy writing notes so it isn't too difficult for me but I like having them done too!


Sundresses and Smiles said...

You are moving right along! After party?? I love it!

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