Thursday, February 14, 2013

Ten Confessions

I don't know which day most bloggers do confessions because I've never done one before.  But here it goes:

1.  Feelings are going to be hurt with this wedding.  I already know it.  But it's still hard for me.  

2.  I'm a control freak and I have to have it all perfect.  I'm working on coming to terms that it is what it is come wedding weekend.  So far, I'm good with it.  I can't change anything at that point so oh well!

3.  This receiving gifts thing if hard for me too!  It feels awkward that people are giving us things!  I'm always on the giving end and I love that!  But for now, I'll just enjoy receiving, as hard as that may be.

4.  We may possibly be on a work trip of Kevin's today.  

5.  Happy Valentine's Day.  I never liked it until Kevin and I started dating but it's kinda fun now.  Every year I beg him not to get me flowers on this day unless he gets them from Trader Joe's or something.  What a waste of money otherwise (in my opinion at least). 

6.  I might have been surprised with some really good news on Monday night of this past week.  Kevin won the mack-daddy trip through his work....something only the top 0.1% agents in the country receive.  And it involves going to Paris and Monte Carlo at some point this yes.  He is unbelievable!

7.  I may love Mills more than I can tell yall.  I had no clue you could love an animal so much.  Maybe I just don't remember loving Charlie so much but I do know I was obsessed with him too.  In fact I still have a stuffed golden retriever I sleep with every night named Charlie.  I'm weird and like 10 years old.

8.  I'm not exactly programmed that we are going to Maui in 8 weeks.

9.  Work has made me more of a stress case lately and I get a headache every day.  Advil is my best friend. Thankfully our work provides it in our breakroom.

10.  I love to do errands.  Every day during lunch I'm running rampade doing something!  Kevin said the other day to me, "you really like to do errands don't you?"  Yes!  


Brianna Tucker said...

I hate flowers to. One they die and two they are so over priced. We don't even exchange gifts. I will cook us dinner tonight and then we will rent a movie that one of us has purchased ( its my year so I bought peter pan). Then we will go to dinner on Saturday.

MCW said...

That is awesome about the trip!

I actually turned down a date for today! I really didn't want to get flowers etc from someone I just am not in to. Maybe if I was in love I would feel different!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

Dog love makes me scared for child love. If I can love a little animal so much it hurts I cannot imagine how having a child will be. Congrats to Kevin on everything he is accomplishing!!!

Miss Southern Prep said...

I love running errands too! I don't know why, maybe because it makes me feel like I'm getting so much done! And oh my gosh, you're a lucky girl--I'm so jealous of all these fabulous trips Kevin is winning!

megan said...

I have a love/hate relationship with receiving gifts, also! Mainly when we want to invite certain people to multiple showers. I always tell them not to buy us a gift, just attend.
Excited for tomorrow night!! Need to hear more about this Paris & Monte Carlo trip!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Wow- how awesome about the trip!! And I am the same with about receiving gifts. I feel so strange and on the spot. Completely uncomfortable.


Whitney said...

Um, Paris?! That is incredible!! I'm right there with ya on being a control freak. I like your mindset about the wedding weekend - it is what it is. I'm sure it will be wonderful!

Mindy said...

On receiving gifts...have you had a shower yet??? I feel the same way about getting stuff from people, and let me tell you, the shower thing can be super awkward!!! Like, I was sweating profusely through both of mine!! Having people watch you open presents, ugh. Just a warning!!!

Dee Stephens said...


Sundresses and Smiles said...

Yippee for Kevin and the trip he won!!! I know it's hard (I'm a control freak too, so I can only imagine) but try and breathe and enjoy this time!!!

I also still sleep with a stuffed animal (ha!) and love errands more than most!