Thursday, April 14, 2011


Yall seriously, I'm spastic.  I'm all over the place.  I hardly live in Charlotte any more.  I'm traveling way too much.  My house is a DISASTER zone.  I haven't cooked normal meals in weeks.  Work is busy.  I haven't run in weeks.  Ahhhhhhh. 

But I did come home to my Lilly Rue La La package last night and got to check out all of this goodness. 
Don't fret....I'm not keeping all of this.  I'm returning all but a few things.  I was so busy at work when I was ordering that I just kept clicking (since I had already paid shipping, why not?) and then I saw my credit card statement and rue la la charged is 16 times that day.  Oops.  Two of those were for a co-worker but STILL.  I'm spastic friends!!!

So this stressing out, chaotic mode will pass and all will be well in the world but I just need to get through the next 6 weeks and into June and I'll be good. 

Until then, I'll continue my weekly (sometimes twice a week) flights to the northeast for work and a couple 'for fun' flights.  It's tough traveling during the week and on the weekends.  But...I'll survive.

Okay I'm done freaking out and off to accomplish my list of need to do's!  Thanks for listening! ;)


April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Holy moly ... I thought they were cocktail napkins at first until I recognized the LP shoebox and realized the scale of the photograph! HAHA! You go girl! I am suddenly feeling bad for only ordering one thing! :)

I just blogged a minute ago about my LP purchase from RLL, aaaaaand I have an invite link on my blog for another company that is doing Lilly stationery and gifts this coming Monday the 18th. I probably shouldn't tell you about it - Kevin's gonna kill me. (ha!)

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Holy heck that is a lot of Lilly! Wow! Any of it tote bags?

Trish said...

Hey cutie! I hear you on the crazy and spastic, I feel the SAME WAY these days, hard to tell who is coming and going in this house as well! I had to giggle when I saw your RLL pic, too funny, I know it gets easy to just keep clicking away especially during a Lilly sale! :) You did well! I walked away with one cute dress that I could never find in my size last year and was pretty pumped about that. Well I hope that the rest of your week goes well and that you can get some rest this weekend. Kevin must miss you like crazy! :)
Lots of hugs xoxo

DSS said...

You poor thing!! Once upon a time I traveled like that, and I know just how you feel. Living out of a suitcase. The house isn't ever situated.

Hope this isn't a long term thing? That can be totally exhausting.

Yay for the RueLaLa score. I completely missed the entire sale :( I was traveling myself. Perhaps that was a good thing :-o

Maryland Magnolia said...

Hang in there! The next 6 weeks will fly by and then you can enjoy a well-deserved rest :)

It's so easy to get into the non-stop clicking at a Rue La La Lilly sale! Stuff is sold out so fast that it feels like you're in some kind of race :)

...just another preppy shopaholic said...

What did you end up keeping? Nice loot anyway! HA! Ha!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

whew! you are busy, i know you'll get through it all though! once you decide which rue la la purchases to keep, post pictures!!

Bridget said...

RueLaLa always gets the best of me, too. Fortunately things can be returned so I don't have to feel as guilty about my major shopping spree

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I didn't buy anything at the Rue La La sale, since I am saving my money to fly to NYC with the girls in June. We are so excited!!! Taking Adelaide for graduation! She has never been before! You have been one busy gal lately!!! I know it is hard living out of a suitcase all the time. Hang in there. In these economic times, you are blessed to have such a wonderful job! Have a nice weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, girl, you racked up! You should post what you are sending back so that if anyone wants it you could sell it. Someone might find a treasure! I hope you get some rest this weekend.