Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful visit with my parents over Easter weekend.  We flew up on Thursday afternoon so that evening Kevin went to Rotary with my Dad.  Mom and I went to dinner with our next door neighbor who is basically like my grandmother.

On Friday my parents had some appointments to go to in Baltimore so Kevin and I drove separately and went to Annapolis.  He had never been there so it was fun to show him around.  We were in and out of the pouring rain so we stopped in and had a tasty beer to warm up and relax. 

While we were in Annapolis, we came upon a cute shop that I'll tell you all about in a separate post.

We ended up meeting my parents at G & M restaurant near the Baltimore airport for a quick drink.  It's the same place I told you about that has the most amazing crabcakes ever (other than my momma's!).  So they drove back home because they had a party that night and we stayed for dinner.

We headed into Baltimore after dinner for the Orioles game.  I had bought tickets because I thought Kevin would enjoy that (he grew up a lil baseball player!).  We got parked and went in to find our seat only to find out the game had been postponed to the next day.  Bummer!  At least Kevin got to see Camden Yards - this was the view from our seats....they were pretty good!

We walked around a bit until it was time to go.  Fortunately I called the next day and should receive a refund for the tickets since obviously we live more than 100 miles from the game.

Saturday we woke up and just hung around the house.  I did some errands and Kevin helped my Dad with some things.  That night we picked crabs at Old Mill, as usual!  Kevin isn't huge into the crabs so this picture isn't exactly true to what went on - he had shrimp.  Poor boy....we thought we had taught him better!

Sunday morning was Easter Sunday so we got up and the Easter Bunny had come!

Wasn't that so sweet for Mom to put together?  One for Kevin and one for me.  The Easter Bunny knows I like Lilly - he had found some cups and notecards that are both super cute!  :)  Mom is always so creative on these things!

Dad made bunny pancakes for breakfast - how cute is that?!!

Mom wasn't able to go to church with us but Kevin and I went with my Dad.  Aren't my parents presch?  It was a beautiful day!

Kevin and I are Easter Sunday!

Hope you all had a great Easter with your families.  We missed the rest of our family but hope to see them very soon!


Dee Stephens said...

How sweet of your Mom. Can you believe some people don't do the Easter bunny or give their kids baskets?

Let The Tide Pull Your Dreams Ashore said...

The rain was brutal this weekend in Maryland, at least we had some sunshine on Sunday. Now I am SO craving crabs...can’t wait to eat them this Summer! Be sure to check out my Graphic Image giveaway! xx

Thayers said...

Great Easter pic of the 2 of you! Your hair looks really pretty. :)

DSS said...

Bunny Pancakes = BRILLIANT!

Looks like you had a fabulous Easter :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I've always wanted to go to Annapolis, so I can't wait to hear about the cute store you found. I can't believe Kevin doesn't like crabs...more for you though! Also, those bunny pancakes--too cute! My dad is the big pancake maker in our house too, so I might have to request those (Easter or not, ha!)!

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

Isn't it awesome when you can hang with your parents and split up between guys and gals? It's such a wonderful feeling knowing you can leave the guy and your Dad alone and have them get along like friends!

Lexilooo said...

remember that DC is in the middle of Baltimore and Annapolis... :)

Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy said...

Sounds like such a fun weekend! I went to the Orioles game on Saturday and had a wonderful time. I'll have to get you to share some of your favorite spots around Baltimore when you get the chance :)

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

Adelaide was in Baltimore over the weekend too. You gals were following each other!!! She flew up on Thursday and came back Sunday night. You'll have to give her some suggestions on places to eat, etc., especially since her boyfriend lives there now. Glad you had a wonderful time. Your parents are precious! When Adelaide gets out of school, we will have to come down and go to lunch with you and Lauren. That would be fun!!! Love & blessings from NC!

Miss Southern Prep said...

How sweet of your mom! You and Kevin look so cute on Easter, and I'm so jealous of those crabs--I've been craving seafood lately and those look delish! Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!