Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter #2

Happy Easter from my cute cousins/nieces and nephew!  This is Amelia!

Her first horseback riding!  Precious, right?!

These two cuties are Maeve and Finn!  They live in Idaho!

Miss Amelia running around an egg hunt!

Amelia and her Daddy.  Who could resist that face?!
We got to video talk with Anna Kate, my brother, sis in law and her parents this morning so that was a special treat! 

We're having some breakfast then off to show Kevin Asbury UMC for the first time.  We do have a family dinner this afternoon but unfortunately our flight leaves to go back at the same time the dinner begins so Mom and Dad will be the representatives!  ;)

Off to see what the EB brought....when Kevin finally wakes up! 

Happy Easter friends!


Lindsey said...

Awwww. Sweet girl. I love watching the little hunt for eggs. Every time my nephew bends over to pick one up...another falls out of his basket. LOL

Cait said...

aww how sweet!! happy easter love!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

What precious children! Happy Easter! Love & blessings from NC!

Mrs. Werginz said...

What adoarble kiddos! Amelia is my girl name if I ever have a baby girl!

Dee Stephens said...

What cuties. Love that picture of her on the horse!