Monday, October 12, 2015

Weekend and Visitors

The weekend went by too quickly.  I guess now I'm much more greedy with my time.  I only want to hang with my girl when I'm not at work.

Friday afternoon backyard shenanigans.  It's nice when best friends are also backdoor neighbors.  You can throw you baby over the fence to them.  

And they get to go on rides!

Saturday we worked on Molly Anne's exercises while Kevin was at work.  Mills had to be included of course.

And we played dress up.

And took naps.

Saturday night we went to dinner at Chuy's.  And by dinner I mean that we went at 4:30.  That was our big excitement of the day.

Sunday it was nice outside so we planted a couple mums and hung out.

Friends of ours came over to meet Molly Anne!

We think our two girls will be Chi Omegas too! 

Then we went to Sarah and Mike's for pizza and football, spur of the moment.  

And the 6-7pm witching hour was a lot more doable when you have Mike the baby whisperer.  

Walking back home.  She was in bed by 7:45pm and sound asleep when I left the house at 7 this morning.

A good weekend!  I miss her already.  Today is her first field trip!


MCW said...

She is getting so big!

My dad is the baby whisper. Give him any kid and he will get it to sleep!

Leslie said...

She is such a cutie, and I love her little monogrammed onesie! It sounds like a great weekend!