Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Family Pictures

(all photos by Katlyn Marie Photography)

Newborn pictures were really important to me but even more important - I wanted pictures with our family and Molly Anne.  I love all of the pictures of the naked baby's but I really wanted good pictures with our parents and us with Molly Anne.  Call me crazy but in 50 years, I wanted these special family pictures.  I have a lot of just Molly Anne that we've taken.  These were different.  And I'm SO glad we have them.

Poor Mills had seen better days...truth be told - I had drugged him unintentionally!  The vet told me to choose an allergy medicine a few days prior to help him not itch as much...well I of course picked the one on the list with no side effects in dogs.  Umm, just so we're clear, Claritin does have side effects and it made Mills drunk!  He was walking sideways yall!  I hate this happened when we had our pictures, but this is real life!  Obviously we stopped giving it to him immediately.  

Back to the pictures...these were taken exactly two weeks after she was born.  

With Kevin's parents.

With my parents.

My parents!

Kevin's parents!

Yes, a baby in a basket - how cliche in the world of newborn photos...but this one is special.  It was my Mom's mother's basket.  Mom passed it down to us and we keep it in Molly Anne's room to hold blankets! 

 Love her.

The head honcho of our household and Molly Anne's room!

Dad made this cradle!

Our favorites.

So glad we have these pictures!  


Alayna said...

LOVE these pictures!

MHM1314 said...

Such a wonderful idea to include the grandparents as well!!! These are going to be so cherished as years pass.

Also, the pic of Molly Anne & Mills, her hand makes her look like she's in the middle of some SERIOUS gossip :) So adorable

Chesson {A Southern Twenty-Five} said...

Love these pictures & the fact that y'all included your parents!

Adelyn V said...

Super super darling. Very special for you all to have these!

Steel Magnolia said...

Beth these are darling and so special. And I adore the two of you and her. Gorgeous!

Mindy said...

Awww I love this idea!!! You will cherish these pics forever!!! (And poor Mills, but I'm laughing about it over here...)

April of A. Liz Adventures said...

These are so lovely and bright. The perfect reflection of this happy and family-filled time of your life. Katlyn did an awesome job capturing the love y'all have for Molly Anne!

Shauna said...

I love these Beth- SO unbelievably precious!

Gina said...

Beautiful pictures! Everyone looks coordinated with out it looking planned. You look fantastic, and Molly Anne is just precious! Poor Mills, my dog had that effect with Benadryl.

megan said...

So sweet, the pictures of Kevin and M.A. melt my heart!

MCW said...

Cracking up at poor drugged Mills!!!

Your parents will treasure these pictures forever.

psychelyn said...

It's a wonderful set of pictures. It will always bring smiles whenever you watch them. So beautiful family.