Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday - Observation Style

My nieces and SIL are coming to stay with us this weekend and I'm SO excited!  We are going to have such a fun weekend!

Phones and email accounts work both ways.  They send and receive!  

Got great news from three of my girlfriends lately and I'm so happy for them!  Two got amazing promotions at work and one is pregnant!  Girl power!

I think OPI nail polish goes on and stays on better than Essie.  My MIL gave me two new OPI colors last weekend and I love them both!

Friday morning FlyBarre class is the key to beginning Fridays.  It makes me get through the day so much easier!  Thank you Tara for getting me to go with you!


Sarah O said...

Totally agree about phone and email being two way. I'm starting to lean more toward OPI. What colors did you get?

Whitney said...

Have a great time this weekend!!!

Rellg said...

I totally agree about OPI, I think it chips less. Unfortunately, Essie polishes always seem to be easier to find.

Margot said...
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Margot said...

I want to hear about these OPI colors! I'm on the fence about which ones I love more, but I go between the two quite a bit. Have such a. Fun weekend and thank you for your trip advice! Maui sounds divine!

wahine0814 said...

OPI is my fav too! Cajun Shrimp has been my go-to polish for-evah, followed closely by Strawberry Margarita :)