Monday, March 11, 2013

Nashville Bachelorette Party

Back from my bachelorette party in Nashville.  We had a crazy weekend full of amazing memories with some of my most favorite ladies!  We missed a few of you girls!
Cocktail hour happened when everyone got there on Friday afternoon.  We got dressed and headed down to the lobby and a bachelor party was there for this cat who is getting married the day before me.  The guys all said they HAD to get a pic of him with me and that his fiance would die laughing.  Okay...haha.
This was cocktail hour in the room.  Sorry these pictures are kinda out of order.
Cab ride to the midtown area of Nashville.  We had dinner at a place called The Tavern.  So good!
L to R - Kelly, Emily, Lauren, Emily, Tara, Kimmy, Me, Lindsay
Then we bar hopped around that area.  Thanks for the photobomb weirdo.
Chi O girls.
My SIL is cray cray!  Love her!
Oh I told you these were out of order.  This is when we were leaving to go out.
Dinner...Kimmy made me take a lemon drop shot for asking too many questions about the weekend.  They kept telling me that for each time I asked what I could bring, I had to take a shot the weekend of.  Ooops...
Go ahead Kimmy!
Dancing happened...
This picture cracks me up for so many reasons.  But mainly because of Lauren in front.
Saturday mid day we headed out to Franklin, TN in our big ole suburban.  We had lunch at 55 South and shopped the cute lil downtown area. 
Then came back downtown and did some honky tonking.
We came back to the room to shower and get ready for night.  I felt famous as Tara did my makeup and Emily did my hair at the same time.
Then they threw me a lingerie shower which was hilarious and there are no public pictures of any of htat.
They all had a big time making fun of me.  They had asked Kevin questions beforehand and if I got the answer right, they had to drink.  If I got it wrong, I had to.  Thankfully I got a lot of them right.  But when they asked me the rest while at dinner, I didn't do so well.  Jack Daniels wasn't helping me concentrate haha.
Heading out..
Dinner at Puckett's.
Then we went to Paradise Park and saw a gazillion bachelor and bachelorette parties.  These guys were crazy.  On the back of his shirt he had a checklist.  One was dance with a cougar.  I was a cougar to them so I danced with him for about 5 seconds and marked it off his list.  The girls made me.
Seeing all of these crazy bachelorettes made me so thankful for my classy friends.  They didn't make me wear all that tacky stuff and I just got to have fun with my girls.  We saw such trash.  These girls in white dresses that I'd never even try on, let alone walk out of the house in.  Gross.  Their poor fiance's!!
We had the best time roaming Broadway.
We saw these guys everywhere we went.  They were from Alabama and so sweet.  Most normal guys we saw all night.
After a trip to Printer's Alley, Tara, Emily and I went back up to Broadway and stayed out way too late.
Thank you to my girls SOOOOOOO much for the best weekend!  Thank you for taking time out of all of your busy schedules and away from your other family and friends to be with me in Nashville!  Y'all are the best and I'm so lucky to have each of you in my life! 


MCW said...

So much fun! That picture with your friend Lauren is hysterical. Now I need cowboy boots.

Carolina Charm said...

What a fun bachelorette! Nashville is the perfect destination to party! Looks like it was a success! xo

PS - the bear picture is hilarious.

Dee Stephens said...

So much to say but the first thing is.. THANK GOD YOU DIDN'T WEAR A VEIL!!
I hate all that crap too. Looks like a lot of fun.
Love that you all brought your own koozies from home to the bar.
also, your friend with the white shirt and sort of brown multi-colored scarf? I know her.. is she in Jr. League???
Or, do I know her from somewhere else?

megan said...

Bahaha "so thankful for my classy friends" don't even get me started on the bachelorette party that was on the cruise with cameron. gross. looks like y'all had a BLAST!

Kate said...

Amazing! Looks like so much fun and I'm in love with your last outift!!

xx BHB said...

"Thanks for the photobomb weirdo." I LOLd at this one

These are SUCH great pictures!!!!

And I agree with you -- the tacky stuff makes me cringe. Who are these girls who willingly wear penis necklaces and whatnot??? Ugh it's just so gross.

Emily said...

ahhh what a FUN time!!! Nashville is awesome! Loved that y'all were rocking the cowboy boots- it's a must in Nashville!

Leslie said...

What a great bachelorette! I love your scarf and that dress is gorgeous. :)

Portuguese Prepster said...

this post cracked me up! this would be my ideal bacheleorette weekend-funny but still classy! looks like a great time!

Mariel said...

Looks like a fabulous time. Connor's leaving for Nashville on Thursday for his Bachelor party...we'll see how it goes! I am actually in the Tacky Is Better side...ain't no shame in my game! Although I hope there's no life-size penis like I saw at dinner a few weekends ago. I will wear a veil and drink out of a penis straw...but that's about it :) It's only once, right?

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Aw, such a fun weekend with your best girls!!


Melissa The View From Five Two said...

What a fun weekend! You looked gorgeous! I'm so glad you ate at Puckett's... that is one of our very favorites!!

Whitney said...

Looks like a fantastic weekend!! So exciting!! Glad you had such a great time!

Suz said...

So sad & jealous that I missed out. I can't wait to celebrate the big day by your side!

Looks & sounds like y'all really did have the best time! I'm so glad bc you deserved it! Hugs!

Lexilooo said...

looks like such a great weekend!

Jess said...

I'm in love with every outfit you had one! So cute and presh. So glad that you had a wonderful weekend. Every bride deserves it!

Sundresses and Smiles said...

This looks like a blast! Nashville is such a great place for a bachelorette! I love the dress you wore on Saturday and you look so pretty with your hair curled!

Glitterista said...

I hope I get to go to a bachelorette party in Nashville someday--you guys look like you're having SO much fun in every picture. I love the last Lilly outfit on you and you look great with curls. ;)

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